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Hi, When I do encode avi's into a mpeg-I stream with Premiere 6 and CCE 2.5 I got at the bottom and the top a purple flikkering piece outside the 'mpeg-I area'. With other encoders I don't have this problem, but I do prefer the CCE encoder due to better quality. The purple stuff is only to be seen when avi's are encoded in mpeg-1 format, in mpeg-II format I do not have any problems. Can someone please advise how to get rid off the purple stuff ? When I do burn the files with Nero or whetever burning programm the purple @#%$ is seen as part of the mpeg stream......

ThanX a lot in advance

-- NLRELA (, October 26, 2001


hi i haven`t got an answer but i don`t know where to download cce 2.5 can you send it to me by e-mail please??? thanks a lot bye

-- i won`t say (, December 02, 2001.


I have been trying to find out where I can download cce 2.5 full version from the web, if you know, would you share this info?

Thanks, Albert

-- Albert Fan (, January 25, 2002.

-- nah (, April 12, 2004.

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