FL 58mm f1.2 lens goodĦH

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Does anybody had experance with this lensĦH does it goodĦH It cost me $150 to get one from eBay,I like to know if it worth this! Thanks Chang

-- Chang Her-Chong (herchong@yahoo.com.tw), October 26, 2001


Response to FL 58mm f1.2 lens goodÂĦH

I personally think that $150 is too much for this lens. Optically it is not bad but it is a mid 60's design with only single coating. I feel it gives a warmer image that is pleasantly soft or even slightly glowing. The FL lens also has to be stopped down to meter, whereas an FD lens allows you to meter at full aperture.

The FD 55 f/1.2 SSC is a better deal for hopefully not much more. (see this site: http://www.delanet.com/~starka/CanonFD_ebay.htm). Locally I've seen this lens going for $150-200. Unless you really need the extra speed, the 50 f/1.4 SSC or new FD is a much better deal for about 1/2 to 2/3 the price of the 58 f/1.2



-- Duane K (dkucheran@creo.com), October 26, 2001.

Response to FL 58mm f1.2 lens goodÂĦH

I have the FD 55mm f1.2 SSC. It costed me... .. .. .. ONLY $70!!!!!!!!!! A REAL BARGAIN! And it was in excellent shape. I think the FL lens is as good as mine, but, as the previous message said, your lens is only single-coated. So it can be as sharp as the FD, but more flare-prone. I think you paid too much, but it is a nice lens. And i think the extra half stop (1.2 vs 1.4) is REALLY significant in the kind of work i do (low light shooting). Enjoy your new lens!

BTW: THE FL 1.2 55mm IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE Canon A-1 and most FD Cameras!! (FTb, EF, F-1, Series A...) I might be wrong, but i remember i saw that in my A-1 manual.

-- Flavio Egoavil (a19990347@pucp.edu.pe), November 20, 2001.

Response to FL 58mm f1.2 lens goodÂĦH

Thanks for your command! I had test the lens on New F-1 and T-90,thoug the manual say it may not work but I do got good pic!!!! and I don't know why.....

-- Chang Her-Chong (herchong@yahoo.com.tw), November 20, 2001.

Response to FL 58mm f1.2 lens goodÂĦH

This lens works on the F-1N, T-90 and other FD cameras. It's a pretty good lens overall. If you are feeling bad about the $150 for it, consider that it is also a very, very good loop if you take it off the camera, and look at a slide on a light table by looking from the front end to the back. With the FD lens, when it's off the camera, it stops down and is difficult to use as a loop. But this lens in nice. Best w

-- John Ratliff (cratliff@easystreet.com), February 17, 2002.

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