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I have older HO SD7's with D13SRP's installed. They run as they should but, the lights donot work. What do I need to do ? I am a neophyte with DCC and electronics. Thanks.

-- Donald Larsen (, October 23, 2001


Hey, I've got the same problem with the newer SD7s. In fact, I was with a friend today strying to figure out what the problem is and we substituted a Lenz decoder and got the same disappointing results. Is anyone out there have successfully done this?

-- Ed Merrin (, February 02, 2002.

Here I am again older and wiser. the answer, of course, is to toss the curcuit board and wire from scratch. Or, just wire the bulbs directly and retain the plug on the board for the rest.

-- Ed Merrin (, May 05, 2002.

I used NCE old 102u decder in my two BN SD7's, you can use the NCE NEW D15SRP decoder.

-- Steve Balicki (, June 30, 2002.

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