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With the discussion going on whether the postal workers that died had flu or Anthrax, I thought I’d check out the constantly updating “Fluwatch” site. I thought this was interesting…..I compared the FluWatch map to the map that FEMA has out showing the WTC disaster; and the current flu hitting the population (at almost crisis level in one isolated spot) is an exact overlay of the WTC disaster.

FEMA’s site – Where the WTC happened and where it’s affecting

Flu Watch – US states and counties and their status with regard to the flu. ONLY the area outlined in FEMA’s WTC disaster area is on “warning” level, which is just one tier below epidemic. No other area in the US is even at the next lowest level “alert” –except for right next to the WTC area (and that’s the only one. Then, there are five states on “watch” and all the rest are on no activity. Click on the State for a close up

Food for Thought.

-- meg davis (, October 23, 2001


The two maps do coincide. How many cases of flu does it take to get to the "warning" level?

-- John Littmann (, October 23, 2001.

This is very interesting food for thought! Something I haven't seen mentioned concerning the WTC disaster is the subject of mercury contamination. My understanding is that computer motherboards have a significant quantity of this hazardous substance (second on the most- hazardous list only to plutonium). Also, I have read where each computer monitor contains appx. two pounds of lead.

There could have been as many as 40,000 thoussand of these in each tower before the collapse, and the combination of heat and combustion could have made an extremely hazardous cocktail of breathable vapors.

There is already confirmation that the air at present, where the demolition continues, is extremely high in fiberglass particulate (contains formaldyhide). The subject of air quality there is being glossed over with general statements from the EPA.

-- Ken (, October 23, 2001.

If there was any anthrax planted in the building before the crash, it could be spread all over by the dust from the collaspe.

-- David Williams (, October 23, 2001.

There are _many_ zip codes in NYC and only three were listed at the flu watch website for NYC. Zip code 11361 is listed on flu "alert," 11364-Watch and 11385-Warning. I used to live in NYC in Queens at zip codes 11372 and 11415. The alert may well be limited to Queens, which is far from the trade center site.

The seeming similarity disappears on closer inspection.

-- neil (, October 23, 2001.

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