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I am a fifty two year old female who has been having severe knee pain for about five years. I've had an osteotomy on right leg and several scopes on both knees. Nothing helps. My right knee is painful to bend and I limp causing hip pain. Doctors claim I'm too young for a what the heck do I an invalid until I'm old then they'll do it? I'm am frustrated beyond belief. Is no one working on anything to help all us baby boomers with problem knees? I know so many people whose active lives have halted due to knee problems, people otherwise healthy, productive and active. Are any studies being done? I exercise watch my weight etc and at this point nothing helps.

-- Carol Roderick (, October 23, 2001


Response to anything new coming up for knees

In order to answer your question in regard to options for you it is necessary to view your x-rays and evaluate your condition with a physical exam. There are alternatives to a knee replacement, but if these are an option for you again, can only be determined once a physician has seen and talked with you. A knee replacement is not unheard of at your age. It is always preferrable to wait until you are older, although this is not always possible. Quality of life is also an issue we take into consideration. If you would like an appointment with one of our physicians, I believe the website will direct you.

-- Dotsie Czajkowski RN (, October 30, 2001.

No Answer need help and information Please Thank you

-- David Lobo (, September 06, 2003.

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