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How would the seven rooms be arranged or look?

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2001


The masque of the red death. Should be as Poe describes generally. vast rooms angled away out of line with each other so you can't stare into the next easily. This zig-zagging, snaking line of chambers, east to west, is bordered by two cooridors with braziers placed against the colored chamber windows to supply the sole source of illumination, matching th decor within. There is no natural light and in fact the atmosphere is enclosed, tomblike. The western chamber alone is unique in having a black decor but red windows and a massive black clock that can heard throughout the royal apartments. Compare to the circular chamber of Hopfrog. Time is one of the organizing symbols. Dawn to dusk(death)with midnight signaling the end of all as Prospero chases the masked Death into the black chamber.

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2001

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