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Although My Arca Swiss would surely hold my recently acquired 810 camera, I've to decided to get a 3-way for my LF. I've narrowed it down to the either the Bogen 3057, 3039, or Gitzo 1572. These were designations I got from my old B&H sourcebook and I hope they're current.

The Bogen 3057 and the Gitzo 1572 are rated according to the sourcebook up to 22 pounds. Is this absolute, or is there an extra load calculated in for safety? The reason I'm asking is that my 810 w/lens/back will be close to 20 pounds.

Checking around, the price for the Gitzo is quite a bit more than the Bogens, are we talking a big difference in workmanship and machining between the bogens and the Gitzo?

Is the quick change system on the Bogen 3039 safe to use with a heavy 810?

-- Jonathan Brewer (, October 22, 2001


I'm currently using a Bogen 3039 head on a set of 3236 legs to support everything up through my Linhof Kardan 4x5 and it's very secure and feels very precise, at least a lot more so than the 3047 I had used previously. Though I've never shot my Deardorff 8x10 from the top of it, I have put it on to test the stability and I was very surprised as to how sturdy it was. Granted, it was still a bit wobbly compared to my Ries setup, but I have yet to find something to beat that. Of the heads you have listed, I think the 3039 would probably be your best bet. The Bogen hex plates are sometimes disparaged as not being secure enough or more prone to failure, but I have never seen one fail nor have I been able to make one fail despite my tries (yes, I was that bored, I actually tried to make it fail). You might also want to consider the Gitzo 1570 which is a low profile version. I used to have one of these and it was great- I only got rid of it to make way for the Ries. No quick release to speak of, but I'm not a big fan of using quick releases with anything bigger than 4x5 anyway. The low profile really makes a difference with something as big as an 8x10. The handles are pretty long and stick out a good way, but this seems to be common to all 3-way heads. Good luck.

-- David Munson (, October 22, 2001.

I've got a Bogen 3047 (similar to 3039, but uses castings rather than machined parts) and a 3057. I don't think the mounting plate on the 3047 & 3039 (same plate) is up to the task of an 8x10.

The 3057's larger plate area helps stabilize bigger cameras, including my 4x5's, and is fully capable of handling my Calumet/Cambo 8x10. In addition, I like the knob control (rather than handle with shaft) for side tilt. Since I don't use it much with my view cameras, it's more "out of the way".

With the Bogen load ratings I feel they are honest. That is, I wouldn't hesitate to put a camera weighing 22 lbs on a head rated for 22 lbs. I guess this means they are being conservative, and there is some excess capacity. My Calumet weighs 18 lbs without accessories, and the 3057 holds it with no problems.

Though I've never owned any, Gitzo products seem overpriced, but also appear to have fine workmanship. The Bogen workmanship may be a hair less, but this is quibbling. Bogen/Manfrotto products are very fine.

Best of luck in your decision.

-- Charlie Strack (, October 22, 2001.


I use the Bogen 3057 on a Bogen heavy duty tripod (3058?) with a geared center post. The head supports an old metal Calumet C-1 which is probably one of the heavier 8x10's. The head is solidly built and the quick release system that comes with the head is rugged and reliable. I recently purchased several extra quick release plates and use them to quickly mount two handmade ULF cameras (11x14 and 8x20).


-- Dave Willison (, October 23, 2001.

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