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Howdy all! I was looking and interested in the 210mm range and saw an add for a used 210 f5.6 Sironar and it said, syncronized for flash-comp bulb,.... please explain the 'syncronized for flash' to a newbie.. It would be beneficial for me to use my studio stobes from time to time. thanks!!!! miles

-- miles feigenbaum (, October 21, 2001


If it has an "X" sync, you want it, if it has an "FP" or "F" sync or some other thing which "Bulb" leads me to wonder about you don't. The bulb could just mean you can leave the shutter open, which is fine. Anyhow, if it doesn't have an "X" on the flash plug in area, then it is probably for flash bulbs which fire before the shutter opens. It means you can't use flash unless you fire it with the shutter open. Just ask if it is sync'd for electronic flash, or flash bulbs. It migh be worth it withouth sync, but at least you'll know. Dean

-- Dean Lastoria (, October 21, 2001.

M = medeium peak flasm bulbs FP = fast peak flash bulbs X = Electronic flash V = Self-timer

Unless you have resource to some very archaic flash bulb systems you want X

F/FP and M will not work properly with electronic flash - except at very very slow speeds.

-- Bob Salomon (, October 21, 2001.

Howdy Guys, Thanks for the clarification.As it turned out, I already had purchased a Nikkor W 210mm f5.6 about a year and a half ago and kind of forgot about it for a moment.It does have an X next to the flash hookup port. Can I assume that it will sync with my studio strobes and or quantum Qflash at any speed just like my Medium format will do? And unlike my Canon 35mm setup...which has a specific sync speed on the shutter speed dial. The sync port uses a very small fitting unlike the other cameras, can I order some type of adapter to be able to hook the 'normal' strobe cable to the lens? Do all the major suppliers carry something like this? thanks again! m.

-- miles feigenbaum (, October 21, 2001.

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