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Dear sir, i have a hp cd writer.. Now i am creating VCD thru this writer.. i wrote thru convert the DAT to mpegv then i write to the CD... this CD is Perpectly run in VCD player(PAGODIA ,SONY,PANASONIC ) But it's not in DVD PLAYER.. I have own DVD PLAYER .it is compatabile to run DVD/VCD/ but now my qustion is.. my print(AS I m writing) is not working in DVD.. CAN CONVERT and run in DVD PLAYER..

NOTE: it is compabile to run DVD and VCD print.. the Original VCD(COMPANY) is running..


-- Muthukumaran (, October 20, 2001


I have tried to understand your problem here.

My feeling is that you have a DVD player that is compatible with VCD's, however you may not have a CD-R compatible player. Not all players play CD-R's which is the usual format for 'copied' films.

I'd check your DVD player to make sure it can play them, or maybe experiment with different brands of CD-R media to see which one you can play with.

I know this cause I've been through it myself. I'm going to be buying a Bush 2004 DVD player, as these tend to play everything you throw at them.

Hope this helps.

-- The Boss (, October 21, 2001.

The Bush 2004 will play anything. CDR, CDRW, DVDR, MP3 VCD1.0, VCD2.0 Get one of theses playes they will also play lesser quality disks.

-- andrew radmore (, January 02, 2002.

hi i think the problemis different. i too have a similar problem. one may be that the format of storage is vcd1.0 and the player is vcd2.0.. please someone help me and let me know if there is a software which converts VCD1.0 to VCD 2.0

help required



-- joseph (, February 11, 2002.

My brother has a Bush 2004/B DVD and its a load of crap. You can play copied DVDs and listen to MP3s but VCDs or anything else forget it. I got a Cyberhome CH DVD 400. Size is a bit smaller than the old PlayStation (doest have a clock on it though. It plays everything i put in it. I paid just under 50 from WH Smiths. I didnt even have to mess with it to make it play copies it was all done. Oh and if any one knows how to play VCDs on the Bush 2004/B I would like to hear it.

-- Mark caldwell (, November 23, 2003.

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