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I have been posting to this board for about three months. During this time I have studied the posts from the beginning. I have noted, at the same time our Church having difficulty in addressing issues of finance, morality, qualification, Pastoral mis-conduct, Devine Debauchery (sorry if spelling is wrong), Finance proposals for the Church, Devious and dishonest postings to destroy other members of the Church, Racism and reverse racism, non acceptance of whites to hold position in our church, Strange criterion for pastoral placements of Bishops children, Part-time ministry and the list goes on.Are we as members of this Church allowing ourselves and the work of the Lord to be blown around in the wind? Is our Church doing any better? I love good discussion but I also believe in action.How do you all feel. Can we be movers and shakers and not moved and shaken with every new surprise. I fear we are discouraging our members into spectators and not participators. Any opinions? How do you feel? Who is prepared to do something except leave a line or do nothing. Need to know why the Church is not moving to hold seminars to help our people who may be in troouble since Sept 11th .

God Bless You and Look forward to hearing from You

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2001


Brother Brangman you have been a welcome addition to this board. And I want to encourage you not to be DISCOURAGED! For this is a denomination of doer's! We as A.M.E's are outranged over what happened on Sept. 11th. And many have sent money to various organizations to give financial support. Many of us volunteer for the Red Cross. Please do not let the negative words of a few discourage you. This board does not represent the views of the A.M.E denomination. For we are a denomination of over 2 million members. Look at the web pages of our A.M.E churches, they are active in the community as well as their congregation. I know of no other denomination that builds housing, schools on a continuours basis. I am new to the AME family. But I assure you the problems that you site are not just happening in the AME denomination they are happening in all denominations. For example the Lutheran Bishop in Montana was removed for sexual misconduct and he is white. I will admit there has been a change on this board for the last six months. Many of us have been attacked. But with God we are victorious. Because people are silent on the board does not mean they are not doing the work of the lord. There has been much discussion lately about money and economic plans. I would like to suggest we get back to "some ole time religion" prayer, praise, confessing of sins, evangelism and trusting in the lord. If this board is to continue and flourish it will be God's decision. Keep praying and keeping asking us questions on the board. Joy in christ.

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2001

My Dear Rev. Rogers There is very little that will discourage me from my determination to serve our great God. I am concerned about both the connectional focus as well as the local however. I have seen very encouraging points but am very keen on seeing the work done more than discussed.I am happy to soldier on despite of, on a daily basis. My Best Wishes to you and your fine Church. God Be with You

Love and Prayers

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2001

Dear Bro. Brangman,

I want to thank you for your profound questions that you have submitted in the past to this board. I have also noticed some things about the AME church that I like and dislike. However, I have learned that I can pray about every situation and God in his perfect time will either change my attitude about the situation or change the situation. I love the AME church and when I see a movement that is positive, I am going to pray about and it and support it. When I see negative actions against my church, I am going to pray about it and rebuke it in the name of Jesus. I thank God for this AME church which is the oldest African-American institution in this country. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the only other African church that predates the AME church. Its origins go back to about 400 A.D.

I know that it is frustrating when the progress that you think an organization should be making is not happening. However, I have learned that nobody can plan or do anything better than God. As Christians, if we would seek his will for our lives by submitting to the Holy Spirit, then we would enjoy success.

I agree with Rev. Rogers that we need to get back to the basics of prayer, praise, and confession of sins. In short, we need to focus on spirituality above all else.


-- Anonymous, October 22, 2001

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