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I'm a novie who just started using black and white film (Ilford HP5 Plus). So far, I have been developing my photos at Ruby at the Peninsular Hotel, where it costs 80 cents per postcard print. Are there any other places that develop black and white photos, at good quality and reasonable prices?

Secondly, I'd like to graduate to developing my own prints. I would like to know if there are any organisations/ community clubs which offer darkroom courses for black and white which begin in Nov this year. Thanks!

-- Michelle Tang (, October 20, 2001


Try Konota or any of the fuji e-pic services if you want cheaper photos. Or you may want to try the BW films that use C41 chemicals such as Kodak T400CN which can be developed and printed using colour materials.

-- Chan (, October 21, 2001.

Hi Michelle, You can learn B/W Photography in Safra Bukit Merah. I am finishing the course soon and I find that it is very useful, with the help of the instructor (giving in his time sepcially for their students). Seriuosly, you can try that out, plus it is cheap...$150 for about 4 months. Once a week which includes 2 outings.

Best Regards Matthew

-- Matthew (, March 05, 2002.

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