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does anyone know information about Bradleys 5 & 10 bar at 1633 fillmore st. & 80 turk st. from 1937 to 1947. in 1947 it was at 115 mason st. until 1951 then it went to 900 cole st. it was bradleys corner until 1987..

-- carl sajben (, October 19, 2001


Not much information but I do have a question. What is a 5 & 10 Bar. The reason I ask-- Bradley's on Fillmore replaced a Woolworth and was followed by a National Dollar store. The stores on Mason and Cole were listed in the Yellow Pages under "Cocktail Lounges".

What gives?

Thanks for your help.

Kurt Iversen

-- Kurt Iversen (, October 22, 2001.

There are two advertising postcards which I would date from sometime in the late 30's that show Bradley's 5 & 10 on Fillmore Street. It supposedly had the longest bar in San Francisco, and that is what is pictured on the one card. The other card is really pretty nifty. it shows two bartenders at Bradley's and is titled the world's shortest and tallest bartenders. Both cards are somewhat scarce, but do turn up now and then.

-- Glenn Koch (, November 12, 2001.


I have a copy of their menu from the late 1930's.


-- Catherine Hope (, March 31, 2002.

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