Distilled water system

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I have been asked to install a distilled water supply system in a clients home. Luckily there is a basement. The machine I have in mind is a PureWater with an electric boiler with auto-fill and a 15 gallon storage tank with a demand pump. I need to supply the machine, then run outputs to the refrigerator ice maker and the Insinkerator instant hot/cold water dispenser at the kitchen sink above. The house plumbing is copper. There is living space in the basement so from previous experience I don't want to use Poly pipe. I understand copper is incompatible with distilled water. That leads me into the unknown area of CPVC or PEX piping, compatible fittings, valves, etc. What do I need to know?

-- Don Whitlatch (whitco@home.com), October 19, 2001

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