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Haven't heard much from Mr. Chung lately, or anything about what's going on with his latest projects.

I have tried to find out what Madhouse will be involved with in the near future... but no luck.

It really interests me, so if anybody knows how it's coming along, post it up on here!


-- Attrox (, October 18, 2001



-- Barb e. (, October 20, 2001.

Yeah, there's nothing interesting in the thread below you ^_^

-- Inukko (, October 20, 2001.

Attrox, you know we're just kidding. (I think all this vampire hunting can isolate a guy).

-- Barb e. (, October 22, 2001.


I'll telll you if you promise not to get upset.

-- Peter Chung (, October 26, 2001.

Haha, I promise

For now I have the series Hellsing (currently showing in Japan) to hold me over until something new comes along anyhow ;)

-- Attrox (, October 27, 2001.

Hmmm. That's not quite what I meant.


-- Peter Chung (, October 27, 2001.

My apologies, Peter. I've been "on edge" all this month (partly thanks to a disastrous new job) and I'm afraid it came out in my posts, both here and on the other board. Hopefully we can start on a better note next time.

-- Inukko (, October 27, 2001.

I tell ya, I miss one post (I guess it was my own mistake to dismiss it as yet another question re-asked and re-asked and therefor dismissable) and I am completely in the dark.

How dare I spend days at a time away from the forum! Argggghhhhh

-- Attrox (, October 28, 2001.

However, I can still say I was really looking for info related to the independent project ;)

The Matrix is all well and good but... eh... ya know...

I really am in idiot for missing those extremely not-subtle hints to check out the previous post. wow.

-- Attrox (, October 28, 2001.

Have you actually ever FOUND a vampire?

-- Barb e. (, October 28, 2001.

Ya! actualy, I've found quite a few vampires.

-- Josh Monroe (, February 07, 2003.

I had a brief reltationship with one once.

-- Sam (, February 08, 2003.

sure it wasn't just a goth kid?

-- yakov grinberg (, February 09, 2003.

Nah, more like some sort of otaku manga gal. But she insistently claimed she was a vampire.

-- Sam (, February 10, 2003.

I heard an interview on the radio once with a girl who claimed to be a vampire. She used a scalpel to make thin, painless cuts, and drank blood from her "donors", which apparently she had a lot of. Hard to understand why, unless she's just THAT good-looking... ;-)

-- Inu (, February 11, 2003.

I'll bet she was. In regards to the 'goth look', it really drives some of us crazy.

-- Sam (, February 11, 2003.

Hell, I dated a girl who thought she was a vampire because she was allergic to garlic. I broke up with her right after she told me that - I need somebody with at least a partial grip on reality.

A year or so later I found her making out with another of my ex- girlfriends - the one I broke up with because she turned out to be a neo-Nazi - at a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I have really odd experiences with relationships. :P

-- Brian Davis (, February 11, 2003.

Ha ha ha ha ha... allergic to garlic, thats really funny! Although, I have yet to date a girl who wouldnt have suprised me by saying such a thing.

I wish Mark was around, I bet he'd have some interesting stuff to share in this context - about relationships I mean.

-- Sam (, February 11, 2003.

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