can u tell me what is the most grotesque thing that E.A. Poe said? : LUSENET : The Work of Edgar Allan Poe : One Thread

i want what is the most grotesque thing that E.A Poe said in one of his shoet stories plz

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2001


He has said many grotesque things and they are all equally horrible.

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2001

Probably in calling Longfellow a plagiarist when the poor gentleman was no more guilty of such a crime than Poe himself. People accuse his Morella or Berenice or even his favored Ligeia of being in poor taste as to the gruesome endings. As he tried to point out, rather lamely, sometimes he meant outrageous horror as satire on worse writers than himself. Personally, I find the removal of Berenice's teeth when she was not quite dead to be the worst.

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2001

Actually, Longfellow really did have a problem when it came to originality. It may be more fair to say that he was guilty of rampant imitation than plagiarism.

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2001

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