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I'm looking for help from someone familiar with the Omega DII enlarger.I recently purchased one with the original condenser head; in the bottom of the box with the enlarger , I found two identical pieces of 5/32" thick wire bent into an accute "L" shape about 2" long, with another, smaller, double bend at the top of the "L". Any idea where they came from? I'm guessing that they came out of the light chamber, as the black baffle cone that surrounds the bulb is loose and rattling around in the head. I can't for the life of me however, figure out how these two mystery pieces might hold it in place.

Can anyone give me any idea where and how these pieces fit into the enlarger? Thanks in advance for your help.

-- Ron Barter (, October 17, 2001


Ask Harry Taylor:

-- Alec (, October 18, 2001.

Go to and follow th links for Omega. The site has exploded parts diagrams which may be of help.

-- Russell Levin (, October 18, 2001.

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