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VCD does not play in my laptop but it plays in other PCs. I've Win 95 and WMP with QuickView. Problem is as soon as I put in the CD, the autorun associates dat files to already removed realplayer and shows as audio files. I've removed real player completely but it is still controlling CD? I can play the same CD on other computers where there is no real player. I tried other softwares, but the basic problem of exploring CD does not happen. Pls tell me how to get rid of this autorun. thanks. rgds,

-- P.V.Patil (phani@mailmetoday.com), October 17, 2001


First, Win95 doesn't have native MPEG-1 *.dll which means you can only play MPEG files (VCD included) if a player program is installed that will in turn put said codec. Xing pioneered software MPEG and was swallowed by RealPlayer; removing the same (provided it was successfully installed to begin with) can also take away MPEG devices. In contrast, Win98 has MPEG codecs such that Media Player in it can directly play MPEG files, without necessarily having to install other dedicated MPEG player s/w. Second, avoid associating *.dat files with any MPEG player. It's convenient but other file types (like some Windows system files) have the same *.dat extension and double-clicking them will open up the player program, which can crash your PC. The best U can do is install a VCDplayer program which will properly detect VCDs and play them (essential if you insist on using Win95).

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (turk690@yahoo.com), October 17, 2001.

You might try downloading the WinDVD player from www.intervideo.com. This program will auto play VCD's (no searching for .dat files, it just plays automatically), and has a much better picture and sound than VCD PowerPlayer, Xing Mpeg Player or Windows Media Player, and it uses less system resources.

The Xing Mpeg player really seems to pull on my system resources, and for that reason I don't use it. The trial version of WinDVD is free and will work for 45 days until it expires or until you buy a license.

My Media Player wouldn't open VCD's either until I installed the WinDVD. I guess it loaded the mpeg drivers it needed to run. So even if you don't use the WinDVD program, just loading it might make your Media Player work.

Hope this helps Rod

-- Rod (rvardeman@aol.com), October 18, 2001.

If you want to play your VCD files, try opening your Media Player software, and open the file function. Point it to the *.DAT file in the MPEGAV folder.

This should work for you okay.

-- The Boss (TheBoss@CherryDVD.co.uk), October 21, 2001.

it's superb

-- dharamsingh tanwar (tanwardharamsingh_dumps@yahoo.com), April 13, 2004.

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