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Here a little something from our ww1 sim we still think a lot of this still works here.The deflection shot can best be visualised by using this analogy. You are trying to spray a friend with a garden hose, while he rides past on a bicycle. You have to place the stream of water far enough ahead of him so the two converge at a point ahead of where each is at any given instant. The stream is curved, and this has to be taken into consideration as well as the distance the target travels in the time it takes the water to reach him. One of the secrets to skeet shooting is to accelerate throught the target when you fire. You are increasing your lead and your sight picture is moving faster than the target. This has the effect of making your shot pattern spread out horizontally, into an oval shape instead of a circular pattern if the gun barrell wasnt moving. This is important to understand when you are flying a plane that is less manoeuverable than your opponent. You cant just get on his 6 and follow his every manoeuver, its foolish to do so because you will end up with him on your 6 and you will die. Dont play his game, use the vertical and climb recovering your energy, then dive when you can get a target resolution hit him with a burst and climb again, you are now dictating the combat scenario instead of just playing his game,. Pick an opponent who you can attack and fly towards your team mates, instead of towards his team mates. that way you can escape to live and remain a threat. the foolish attack with a quick death only serves to remove your support from your own team and make it less effective in killing the enemy quickly. My deflection shooting has reached a point where I can begin firing on an enemy when we pass head on but not directly at each other, I can start scoring hits in the head on pass, continue scoring hits as we pass, and never stop scoring hits as I turn 180 degrees to get on his 6.

-- Bro and tha Kid (, October 17, 2001


Dear Bro and Kid: Took your advice and tried the idea. I had my son get on his bicycle and ride past me at varying speeds. sure enough, it wasn't more than 2 or 3 tries before i coiuld consistantly knock him off his bike with a shotgun blast.

Thanks for the tip!!


-- RNZAF_Lmitey (, October 17, 2001.

S! oh Lmitey you crack me up......hope your son's


-- RNZAF_BaronKaos (, October 18, 2001.

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