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Has anyone had any experience with the Tokina AT-X 80-200mm f2.8? How does it compare with the Canon 70-210mm F4 (aside from being a stop faster)? Is it worth my while to sell the genuine Canon and buy the Tokina?

How does Tokina lens compare to Vivitar Series 1 f3.5 ca. 1986?



-- Alexander (, October 15, 2001


I bought my Tokina 80-200 f/2.8 AT-X used back in 1990 and well, what a great lens. I shot professionally from 1991-1995 and this was one of my workhorses, along with my A1 with the motor drive. Mostly sports and people. Even got great stuff with a cheap 2X. You just can't beat the f/2.8, that extra stop is wonderful. Extra bright in the viewfinder.

I don't have any experiences with the other lenses mentioned, but if you can pick this up for a reasonable price...I would. If mine every breaks I will replace it with another.

hope this helps. brian

-- Brian (, November 15, 2001.

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