The University of Michigan Business School anticipates faculty openings in the area of Corporate Strategy for September 2002 and is seeking applicants for tenured or tenure-track positions at the assistant/associate/full professor level. Requirements include an earned doctorate and evidence of strong research and teaching potential and/or accomplishments. Candidates expected to finish their Ph. D's before September 2002, are also encouraged to apply.

Personally, Ann Arbor is a wonderful place to call home. The city's web page provides an in depth look at life here ( Professionally, the University of Michigan Business School provides an excellent environment for research and teaching. Our web page provides a nice introduction to the School ( A brief description of our colleagues and the many opportunities here in Michigan follows.

Research. The research environment is rich with opportunities for research and research collaboration on any plane. The libraries and research collections of the University of Michigan (including the Kresge Library which is dedicated to the study of business) are one of the best in the nation and provide extensive access to paper and electronic data and journals. Ample opportunity is available for Michigan faculty members to conduct research in nearby organizations. Not only are the headquarters of a large number of manufacturing firms located within an hour's drive of Ann Arbor, but the city was rated as one of the best places in the United States to start a new business. Research opportunities in high technology and service firms are abundant. In addition, Michigan's Human Resource Partnership Program and our flourishing Executive Education Program provides us with access to many large U.S. companies. Moreover, our presence in the international business community is w! ell established and growing. Those interested in conducting international research should be pleased with the research opportunities available here as well. In particular, the William Davidson Institute links us with firms in transitional and developing economies around the world. Our Global MBA program links us with may companies in Asia and Latin America. The School provides our faculty members with opportunities to obtain summer research funding. Graduate research assistants are available to faculty either through the Business School or the Organizational Psychology Department. A large number of faculty members across the University have interests in organizational studies; the environment for collaboration and cross-fertilization with other disciplines is exceptional. Take a look at the ICOS (the Interdisciplinary Committee on Organizational Studies) web page for an introduction to a terrific seminar series that connects all of us at Michigan who have an interest in! organizations ( All in all, we celebrate our friendly and supportive research culture that enables us all to learn from each other.

Teaching. The Business School has an undergraduate BBA program, day and evening MBA programs, a Global MBA program, an Executive MBA Program, and a PhD Program. Faculty members are generally able to teach in the program that most interests them. Business Week has ranked all Michigan's BBA, MBA and Executive Education programs either #1 or #2 in the past few years. Our department has certainly contributed to this record of accomplishment. For what it is worth, we routinely receive some of the highest teaching ratings in the School. It may be important to know that our faculty can fulfill their teaching commitments by teaching in either our degree programs or in our executive programs.

Faculty. We count the diverse interests of our faculty as a special strength of the department. Our publications appear in a broad array of journals. We have also published a number of books in recent years. Several faculty members have joint appointments with other academic units on campus including psychology, sociology, education, public policy, the Institute for Social Research, and the William Davidson Institute. We are quite open to exploring the possibility of a joint appointment for any faculty candidate that desires one.

The individuals who currently hold appointments in the CSIB department include Allan Afuah, Gautam Ahuja, Jay Anand, Tom Gladwin, Michael Jensen, Prashant Kale, Aneel Karnani, Linda Lim, Ken Lieberthal, Joanne Oxley, C.K. Prahalad, Jan Svejnar, Kathy Terrell, Marina Whitman, and Lynn Wooten. We are complemented by Sue Ashford, Wayne Baker, Kim Cameron, Jerry Davis, Jane Dutton, Fiona Lee, Bob Quinn, Lloyd Sandelands, Gretchen Spreitzer, Kathleen Sutcliffe, Noel Tichy, Jim Walsh, Karl Weick, Janet Weiss, and Joe White in the OBHRM area and a host of noted scholars in Psychology (Jenny Crocker, Dick Nisbett, Rick Price), Sociology (Mark Mizruchi, Mayer Zald), Political Science (Bob Axelrod), Public Policy (Martha Feldman), Public Health (Jeff Alexander), Education (Brian Rowan), Institute for Research on Women and Gender (Barbara Gutek), Kinesiology (Richard Wolfe), Information (Michael Cohen), and Engineering (John Holland). Dissertation committees, interdisciplinary seminars, brown bag discussions, our weekly lunch, retreats and regular parties serve to bring us all together.

We are eager to identify potential candidates for our position. If you (or someone you know who fits our needs) are interested in pursuing a faculty position here, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. The University of Michigan is an Affirmative Action/equal opportunity employer.

By November 14, 2001, a potential candidate should send : * a vita, * one published or working paper that illustrates a major research interest, and * information about his or her teaching capabilities * Doctoral candidates are encouraged to send a copy of their dissertation proposal. in addition: * Three letters of reference should be sent to this same address under separate cover by the writers. Please send all materials to: Corporate Strategy Faculty Search Committee Ms. Jeanette Bierkamp, University of Michigan Business School 701 Tappan Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234.

if you have any questions, Ms. Jeanette Bierkamp can be contacted: phone: (734 647-4392) or e-mail:

Allan Afuah and Gautam Ahuja Recruiting Committee Chairs

-- Ms. Jeanette Bierkamp (, October 15, 2001

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