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"First i was afraid, i was petrified...."

Does no-one talk to you anymore?

Gearing up for summer in sunny Dunedin are ya?


-- graeme (, October 15, 2001


Hey there Gra-meee! "Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side..."

Well, ChCh is cool, cool mateys, cool nightlife (yes, I've discovered that again) - and alas, the 'boarding has come to an end 'til next season.

Otago plans have been changed, and I'm now staying in ChCh in my PERMANENT JOB (events management stuff) 'til I come home next April time.

Summer's well on its away....the sun....

Saw the coolest Tim Finn gig last night in concert. Caught a cool dub band last week, and the final Immigration test for me is .... a drum 'n bass band next saturday! Can you adam and eve it?

How's the big city over there (ChCh being extremely small)? Job? Love life? Social life?

Awaiting gossip with bated breath...


-- Clare Brennan (, October 19, 2001.

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