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Dear all, To all of you who has some advice and/or documentation on communication in self-directed invironement,please let me know. I am an HR manager in a papermill. It was shut down 10 years ago, and re-open following the demand of the union. It has been 3 years know. I am knew here and my firs mandate is to facilitate communication beetween all of member, from top to buttom. It is difficult righ now because since the start-up, everybody had to manage themselves. Everybody talks to evebody (which is good to a certain extence), everything is a mess. The information does'nt go arrive at the person who is suppose to. The structure is not traditionnal, supervisors are missing.

1. Do you have some documentation? 2. Do you have some advice? 3. Have you ever experience this king of problem?

Thanks to all of you

Francois Cossette HR Manager FjordCell inc. (418)546-4602 Work (418)690-5922 cell

-- Francois Cossette (, October 15, 2001



I hope my message isn't too late. I'd recommend reading "Managing Group Life" by Lawrence R. Frey and J. Kevin Barge. This book clearly outlines key concepts on group communication relative to life in task groups as well as how individuals see themselves in group communication. It will provide insights that will probably help direct you to succesful implementation of processes that will help group members want to establish goals immediately and thus experience the rewards of accomplishing tasks as a group.

Good Luck!

-- Margot Williams (, October 30, 2001.

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