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In the DS54 manual, it talks about needing two microswitches to do auto reporting turnout position. What kind of microswitches are these? Where does one purchase them.

Another question, if I might. The directions on wiring BD1s to the DS54s are kind of sketchy. Plus, the photos I've seen on various web sites are small and blurry so you can't get an accurate idea of what's there. Do the BD1s attach to that 9 cable cord that is mentioned?

I appreciate your assistance. I am planning on buying this system this week, but am trying to make sure I get everything in one round of ordering.

Many thanks, Stephen

-- Stephen L. Parker (slparker1@home.com), October 14, 2001



there are two kinds of reporting supported by the DS54. Digitrax calls them Standard and Exact Turnout Reporting. For Standard reporting you need only one SPDT switch, for Exact you two SPDT switches. If you are using Tortoise machines, everything you need is built in. IF you are using other machines then you may need external switches. Micro Switches are commonly used. I suggest you check Digi Key or Jameco (both online for examples and prices).

I also recommend that you download the DS54 manual from the Digitrax web site. It answers all your questions and contains many good clear figures on how to set up the DS54. Go to www.digitrax.com and follwo the link to the Digitrax PDF documents.


-- Dale Gloer (dale.gloer@sympatico.ca), October 15, 2001.

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