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To anyone interested, I work, as I have stated at a large retailer in Western Canada. This past week we took in a slug of used R that is absolutely like new (the customer is a well heeled amateur who has decided that the Contax 645 A/F is what he wants to shoot is 50 rolls a year in). Anyway he brought in the following: R8, R7, winders for both, 15, 24, 28, 35, 180 F2,8, 180 F2, 280 F2.8, 70-180 F2.8, 35-70 F4 plus a bunch of accessories. This stuff is going at very reasonable (in Canada anyway) prices. Anyone interested please contact me at -

-- Bob Todrick (, October 13, 2001


Go here and search for "leica":

Remember the prices are in $CAN so use the currency converter to translate into your currency of preference. Very good people and I have no connection other than I would be independantly wealthy if not for their great service :-)


-- John Collier (, October 13, 2001.

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