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Okay, just this night, I... KillerCrud, stood up to lejes. As many of you may have been noticing, he has become a virtual Nazi, not giving a fuck about the people in his board and doing things all his way. It is due to this fact that I have created a second board, where freedom is abundunt. Basically, if the majority rules in favour of something, Ill go for it. Below is a copy of exactly what went down between Lejes and I:

RyanWellwood: Lejes, we gotta boot Vinnie
SaintLejes: he's behaiving himself now
RyanWellwood: Okay, he might not be viciously attacking people now
RyanWellwood: But hes acting like a fucking cow
RyanWellwood: I set up a vote
RyanWellwood: dont delete it
RyanWellwood: Lets just see what the people have to say
SaintLejes: I'm not booting him
RyanWellwood: okay
RyanWellwood: just see what the people have to say
SaintLejes: i'm not interested
RyanWellwood: awww
RyanWellwood: Lejesssssssssss. you booted MMF easily enough
RyanWellwood: And Sub Zero
RyanWellwood: And now that all the people truely hate somebody
SaintLejes: i gave them a second chance as you recall
RyanWellwood: You refuse to boot them
SaintLejes: they wasted it
RyanWellwood: Uhhh
RyanWellwood: Sub Zero...
RyanWellwood: Posted nicely
SaintLejes: no he didn't
SaintLejes: he went back to being an idiot in less than a week
RyanWellwood: Fine
RyanWellwood: But the moment Vinnie fucks around
RyanWellwood: Kick in the ass time
SaintLejes: i promise if he goes back to being stupid hes gone
RyanWellwood: :-)
RyanWellwood: Jwahol, mein furher!
RyanWellwood: *clicks heels together*
SaintLejes: funny
RyanWellwood: Well, youre the board Nazi
RyanWellwood: like the soup nazi
RyanWellwood: Only better
RyanWellwood: "No posts for you!"
RyanWellwood: Seriously, you gotta give the people a right to speak
RyanWellwood: Happy go lucky post deleting isnt cool
SaintLejes: its my board. america ends at the door
RyanWellwood: So, its Bush'es states. Does that mean he can execute you without letting you choose?
RyanWellwood: Stalin, lets look at stalin
SaintLejes: the board is not a democracy
RyanWellwood: You didnt like his way, you died
RyanWellwood: Rather, disapeared
SaintLejes: don;t likr my way. leave
RyanWellwood: Sound familiar?
SaintLejes: if you don't like the way i run my board you can take off
RyanWellwood: So, either, I have a mind of my own, or I let you choose what I say
RyanWellwood: The first way allows freedom in an empty society
SaintLejes: no, i just get to pick what goes on MY board
RyanWellwood: The second allows slavery in a community
SaintLejes: boo hoo
RyanWellwood: Boo hoo?
RyanWellwood: You claim to run a board
RyanWellwood: Which you do
RyanWellwood: But what kind of board is it if you choose what goes in it?
RyanWellwood: When people try to voice opinions
RyanWellwood: And you reject them?
RyanWellwood: A board is a community thing
SaintLejes: its MY board. thats what kind
RyanWellwood: Honestly, Im getting fucking sick of what you allow
RyanWellwood: And what you dont
RyanWellwood: Be gestapo, silence me
RyanWellwood: Well?
RyanWellwood: Not even gonna give a response?
SaintLejes: well what?
SaintLejes: what do you want? I'm not going to change the way i run my board to suite others
SaintLejes: any futher complaints can be directed at that brick wall over there
RyanWellwood: Fuckin a, its not just me that thinks this way
SaintLejes: MY board MY way of running it
RyanWellwood: So, its your board, and you figure you can do whatever the fuck you want?
RyanWellwood: No matter what the people think?
SaintLejes: yes
SaintLejes: its not a democracy
SaintLejes: no one forces you to go there
SaintLejes: you are always free to leave
RyanWellwood: Thats what Stalin said
SaintLejes: no he didn't
RyanWellwood: Yes he did
RyanWellwood: And those who tried to leave
RyanWellwood: Were "exterminated"
RyanWellwood: He never said you couldnt leave
RyanWellwood: He just killed you if you tried
SaintLejes: what am i gonna do force you to stay
RyanWellwood: In a manner, yes
SaintLejes: how
RyanWellwood: The peeps in there are the peeps I chill with on the net
RyanWellwood: I have to break my fucking back to do this
RyanWellwood: And now I cant even say what I choose
SaintLejes: i have to protect the rights of others too. or else they bitvh at me like you are now. I run the board and make the rules so i decide when someone is too much of a bother to be allowed to stay like mmf or subzero. just because you want vinny gone doesn't mean i have to agree
RyanWellwood: Thats true, but if its the general consent of the
board, you should go with what the masses say
SaintLejes: so its mob rule now
SaintLejes: never
RyanWellwood: So we stay with the Dictatorship?
SaintLejes: yes
RyanWellwood: I cant even fucking beleive you wouldnt let Dick Tator use that name
RyanWellwood: What the fuck was wrong with that?
SaintLejes: dick
RyanWellwood: Look at the name!
RyanWellwood: Dick Tator!
RyanWellwood: dictator!
SaintLejes: i get it
RyanWellwood: Its part of the fucking name!
RyanWellwood: holy wah!
RyanWellwood: The Anarchy board has no moderator
RyanWellwood: instead, theres a group of us who make sure nothing gets out of hand
SaintLejes: and?
RyanWellwood: we basically ignore idiots
RyanWellwood: or verbally beat the shit out of them
RyanWellwood: the racist punks and such
RyanWellwood: it works fine there
SaintLejes: well, with me there it isn't neccesary
RyanWellwood: But with you there, we should have more power to the people, not less
RyanWellwood: Finally, the ability to not just ignore, but to ban SaintLejes: no. i don't know how to get this through to you but the way i run MY board will not change.
RyanWellwood: Fuckin Jew killin Nazi bastard
SaintLejes: start your own board
SaintLejes: take your friends there
SaintLejes: you won't have to deal with me
RyanWellwood: All I wanted was freedom for the people
RyanWellwood: And you just opress
RyanWellwood: Freedom to choose
RyanWellwood: The masses have the power
SaintLejes: "choose to leave"
RyanWellwood: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few
RyanWellwood: You would be the few
RyanWellwood: The many want vinnie gone
RyanWellwood: Silence is compliance
SaintLejes: what are you talking abotu. i told you if you don't like it you don't have to stay there
RyanWellwood: "If you dont like food that keeps you alive, you dont have to eat it"
SaintLejes: food is a need. you don't need to stay
SaintLejes: the board is a luxery
RyanWellwood: A luxury which you have total power over
RyanWellwood: And give out how you please
SaintLejes: exactly
RyanWellwood: Instead of being the Saint of Justice
RyanWellwood: Hypocritical name, aint it?
SaintLejes: justice for all. not just the people YOU loike
SaintLejes: like^
RyanWellwood: Justice for ALL PEOPLE?
RyanWellwood: AHAHAHAHA
RyanWellwood: Lets talk to Sub Zero
RyanWellwood: Or MMF
RyanWellwood: Betcha they feel nicely
SaintLejes: they got a second chance and blew it
SaintLejes: they deserve what they got
RyanWellwood: Well, MMF, yes
SaintLejes: both
RyanWellwood: Because his posts were meaningless
RyanWellwood: But Zero there mighta been stupid
RyanWellwood: But his posts were actual posts
RyanWellwood: Usually more than one-line-vinnies
SaintLejes: or one line yours
RyanWellwood: At least I type like Im using most of my brain.
RyanWellwood: I have probably the best literate skills on the board.
RyanWellwood: literacy
SaintLejes: don't tell freya
RyanWellwood: And my one liners are funny
RyanWellwood: Hey, I submit to freya
RyanWellwood: Just because she posts as well as I do, but more.

Eventually, this ended with Lejes telling me he didnt need the people and I could take my friends elsewhere, after which he logged off.

All Im askin, is you make up your minds for yourselves. Anyone can post here, and unless the masses agree otherwise, nobody shall be banned or deleted.

-- KillerCrud (, October 12, 2001


Oh yay! I can be one of the first to post here! lol Anyway, I wanna come join your board here KC, but I'm not leaving ATFF. I support your ideas and opinions but I feel maybe some of the people on atff will not leave. Oh man I'm bad at posting lol. Ok weeeeeell....... a suggestion: let's start some FF topics!

-- Rinoa Leonhart (, October 12, 2001.

Oh, and, by the way, We cheer you on, KC! I hope you can make this place better than ATFF and I wish ya good luck! (Maybe I should've included this in the first post?) Oh well.... ^_^

-- Rinoa Leonhart (, October 12, 2001.

hehehehe good job KC.

-- Vincent V. (, October 12, 2001.

I like new boards. They carry much hope in them.

-- Kant (, October 13, 2001.

new boards r always nice so best of luck 2 yazz

-- drugzBunNy (, October 13, 2001.


-- Kant (, October 13, 2001.

WHERE???? *looks around* DAMN! I ALWAYS miss these things.....

-- Davey Rootbeer (, November 24, 2001.

-- unknown (||||@|||.|||||), October 21, 2002.

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