Fuji Quickloads in new Kodak holder

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Has anyone tried Fuji Quickloads in the new Kodak single sheet Readyload holder ? I have tried it and find that about 4 out of 5 times the clip does not engage somehow and the film comes out with the packet. I used several sheets to see what was happening. Evidently the clips for Fuji and Kodak are just different enough to preclude using either's film in the other's holder. Has anyone had success? Do I have just a bad holder ???

-- Don Hall (dhall5662@cs.com), October 12, 2001


Conversely has anyone actually tried the new single sheet Kodak Readyloads in the Fuji Quickload holder?

-- Ellis Vener Photography (ellis@ellisvener.com), October 12, 2001.

The new single-sheet Readyload TMax-100s seem to work just fine in my Fuji Quickload holder. Have only shot a handful of them, but no problems so far.


-- Bill Stone (william.stone@juno.com), October 12, 2001.

Ellis, Yes, I have, with a 100% failure rate with light leaks and hang-up of the clip in the holder.

-- Don Hall (dhall5662@cs.com), October 12, 2001.

Thanks Bill!

-- Ellis Vener Photography (ellis@ellisvener.com), October 12, 2001.

I have shot about 60 sheets of Kodak E100VS single-sheet Readyloads in the Fuji Quickload holder with a 30% failure rate, and in one case the new Readyload packet completely jammed a friend's Quickload holder.

I too would be interested in hearing from anyone else shooting Fuji Quickloads in the new Kodak holder.

-- Ross Martin (ross@rossmartinimages.com), October 13, 2001.

It has been a well known fact, throughout the industry, that all Kodak Readyloads, single or double sides, will jam in a Fuji Quickload holder. Perhaps not 100% of the time, but you will get nailed with one that completely locks the metal end of a Readyload in the Quickload holder. Getting it out is a pain and can damage the Fuji Quickload holder.

Why take a chance. If you are going to shoot Readyloads, buy a Readyload holder and be done with it.

-- Jim Brick (jim@brick.org), October 13, 2001.

thanks Jim for the warning. I'd never try the Kodak double sheeted Readyloads in a Fuji holder, but i got tired of trying them in the Kodak holder as well.

But you are right, why bother causing potential expensive hassles?

-- Ellis Vener Photography (ellis@ellisvener.com), October 13, 2001.

Last summer I had problems using T-Max new single-sheet Readyload in Fuji Quickloads, too. Since I was new to the Readyload-Quickload systems I thought it was my fault. When I came home (from the Four Corners) I discovered that all the Provia - F Quickloads were perfect (and worked flawlessy in the field), while the T-Max suffered from light leaks in about 40% of the pictures (also when I did not notice it during the shooting!). Taking the last pictures I began to press the metal clip before inserting the Readyload in order to make it thinner, and it seemed to work better (and it did, effectively). Notwithstanding the above trick, in the future I will use Readyload with its proprietary holder or I will jump definitively to the Fuji Quickchange system (wonderful!).

-- diego rigatti (diego.rigatti@it.eyi.com), October 15, 2001.

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