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Postings have been made lately concerning the direction of the Church Overseas, New ideas for financing the Church, New Areas of Development,Potential Candidates for 2004.With the many issues questions and answers generating sometimes strong emotions can we consider a dialogue on whether we are or are not about the business we should be about? Can we get to a place where we actually know how many members are in our Church honestly? Are we engaging our membership to be proactively planning for the hard times our people (particularly will face this winter? Are we moving our missionary departments to purchasing food hampers for the needy or are we waiting for the banging on the door? I am very concerned about the perceived lack of action of our denomination. If someone is in the know could you share your thoughts. Here's praying we are doing more! God Bless You All

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2001


Bro. Brangman,

Once again you have asked a most profound and apropos question. One of the reasons that I joined the AME church is because of its record of starting colleges and universities in addition to promoting social uplift of Black people. The AME church was actively engaged in overthrowing apartheid in South Africa before it became popular to do so in the US. In addition, the AME church is the oldest Black owned and operated institution in the US. I might add that its present level of organization is unmatched by any other Black organization in the US.

In my estimation, the AME church is a sleeping giant. One which God is just waiting to bless this country through. You asked a most pertinent question when you asked " Are we engaging our membership to be proactively planning for the hard times our people (particularly will face this winter?" I think that we all know the answer to your question. For some reason, there does not exist a proactive plan to address the abysmal demographics which plague our people. The NAACP is more concerned about getting more Black actors in Hollywood and dismantling confederate flags. I guess these are safe issues when you depend upon corporate sponsorship to survive. I would imagine that the National Urban League's mission is also defined by its corporate sponsorship. However, the Black Church is independent and can address the real issues of Unemployment, Housing, Crime, Drug Dependency, Education and etc if its members have the faith.

As we learned in previous posts, the Matthews-Dickens proposal would be a step in the right direction. Of course prayer and approval by the Holy Spirit is always the first step.


-- Anonymous, October 15, 2001

Thank You Brother Jazz Man

Please forgive me as I am not as conversant with the African American Experience coming from my tiny island of Bermuda. I have been accused of being over zealous and unrealistic. I am not concerned about this. I am taking more time to learn about the African American experience and the role of the A.M.E.Church. God Bless You

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2001

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