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I recently purchased a Proto1000 Budd RDC locomotive and a Lenz LE103XF decoder. The problem is that there isn't a decoder installation instruction for the locomotive. (a) Do I solder the decoder into the 7 labelled holes in the circuit board? (This didn't seem to work). What to the 3 "x-cuts" mean on the circuit board? (b) Is it still necessary to isolate the motor on these new Proto1000's with this type of circuit board? Thaks for the help Bob

-- Bob Birchmore (, October 12, 2001


As I remeber there are 2 rows of holes in parallel across the loco cicuit board. They are numbered 1 to 8 although I am not sure if all the numbers are printed, don't have board handy. The holes and numbers correspond to the pin locations and numbers on the 8 pin NMRA plug. You solder the wires into the holes that correspond with the NMRA plug pins.

And the 3 X cuts mean cut the circuit trace at the X spot if you are installing a decoder. To cut the trace take a sharp hobby knife and make 2 parallel cuts across the trace close together and then scrap the trace completely of the board between the cuts.


-- Dale Gloer (, October 12, 2001.

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