old zeiss ikon, LF cut film back?

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Hi- I have a Zeiss Ikon I inherited, and it has a "film pack" back. I would like to shoot w/ the camera (it has a zeiss compur (1914 patent date on lens) and 2 additional lenses which convert the Jena on it to a wide angle and long focal length lens. Anypne have any suggestions? It looks like it would be just under 4x5 cut film size. Also any general knowledge re: the camera is appreciated. Also this camera impressed me and as I am looking for sub C330 quality very cheap medium format shooter, am considering an Ikon... Any comments/suggestions? The other thing I am looking at is the lubitel (or holga) obviously I am not trying to get the sharpest negatives possible with this, but am looking for a fun and charming shooter for gum-bi negs, etc.

thanks Brad

thanks Brad

-- brad bordine (tpmjg@yahoo.com), October 11, 2001



I suspect that the Ikon film size might be quarter plate. I am sure you could find dimensions information on the web and cut down 4x5 sheets. Remember that hasselblad, until recently, catalogued a scissors/guillotine device for cutting 2.25x3.25 film to fit their 6x6 holder.

A fellow Sydney photographer, Tim Hickson, recently had a successful exhibition and book entitled "Beach" which depicted Sydney's surf obsession and he shot it all on a Diana. He used a few, I believe, because they all had varying 'sweet-spots' ... the exhibition was stunning and the aberrations were beautifully rendered being medium format.

Curiously, when the book was printed, which was fine quality, the screen dot 'sharpened' a lot of the aberrations and I felt the image was not as interesting as when it was really fuzzed.

Just some thoughts ... WG

-- Walter Glover (walterg@netaus.net.au), October 11, 2001.

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