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Sometime ago I decided a Linhof recessed board would help in using my 65mm Nikkor SW. In fact, the decision was more about accepting to spend the price they ask for! cough cough...

Seven weeks after I ordered this item at the swiss importer, it finally arrived. It is concealed in a plastic bag with five tiny bits to assemble, but no descriptive. I am usually not bad a handyman, and it did not take me more than 10 minutes to explore all the possible fits and find the good one. Screwing the back flange for the shutter is not easy as there is no space for a normal wrench. But when everything was in place, I discovered that this mount is so tight that it is impossible to operate the mechanism and get it set back properly. I tried diverse positions for the shutter and it's a choice between having the trigger to work but then you are unable to open the blind, or inversely. So I thought I would skip the quick mount and use a 90 degrees elbow for the cable release ... But there is no space for it.

I'm sure Bob will suggest I send the lens and plate to a Linhof trained technician to have it mounted properly, but am I dumb or is there a problem with that mount? The older recessed board had a S pusher instead of the 3 parts one that I get now. There was enough play so it could move loosely. I am concerned with the risk of having problems in the field with the new one, if the shutter moves a tiny bit from it's place or if one of the small parts get's lost. Anyone has been there? Could the Nikkor shutter be slightly different and incompatible?

-- Paul Schilliger (, October 11, 2001


i believe there's several model of linhof recessed bord (for copal 0, an older one for compur OO i think...) bob will be more precise about it. By the way, is your lens mount on a copal 0 or something else?

-- dg (, October 11, 2001.

001015 for Compur shutter only (discontinued board) 001016 for Copal shutter only (discontinued board) New 001016 for Copal or Compur shutter

What did you buy?

And what camera are you trying to use this on?

A 65mm on a recessed board will not work properly on a Master technika or earlier camera and the Technika 2000 does not use a recessed board for a 65. Neither does the TK.

The Gepe Wide Angle Cable release Adapter cable was made for using the 35mm on a special deeply recessed board. It will easily work with the 65 in a recessed board.

When in doubt. Linhof is not that far from you in Munich.

-- Bob Salomon (, October 11, 2001.

Bob, 001016, probably *new type* for use on other brand of camera. Thanks for the GEPE tip. That should do the job if I can get hold of some.

-- Paul Schilliger (, October 11, 2001.

GBB, the Gepe distributor in Germany or Plasmans, the Gepe distributor in the Netherlands can help you with Gepe Pro Cable Release products.

-- Bob Salomon (, October 11, 2001.


I had exactly the same experience only with a 150mm Rodenstock lens. The final position or rotation of the lens in the lensboard has to be extremely precise for both the shutter release and the aperture opening control to work. Even at best the aperture slide was stiff for a time but eventually loosened up to a point where it functions satisfactorily. By the way, here in Canada it also took seven weeks to get a lens board.

-- Bill Lester (, October 12, 2001.

Thanks Bill! I'm feeling less lonely ;-) Maybe shaking and twisting the whole thing to give it more play would help. Or a drop of lubricant.

-- Paul Schilliger (, October 12, 2001.

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