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I found your ten beliefs very interesting and thought provoking.

Being and Awareness - do you see God as a two-some God rather than the traditional three?

I've been reflecting on your belief that Being and Awareness in perfect harmony does not experience disharmony and therefore created the human ego and the the physical word in order to experience disharmony. Wouldn't this mean that before we were created Awareness and Being did not experience disharmony? I find this so interesting because it brings up the subject of evil. Acquinas says it is the absence of Good which I am sure is correct in the abstract but evil is a very real experience. Where does it come from? Is it contained in God? And did traditional theology split it off from the Creator by calling it Satan?

I see you state "I am God". I see myself more in line with the guy (I can't remember his name) who said "God and I are not One but we're not Two either" I believe I am a Spirit created by God and incarnated in human form and I think that sometimes this spirit self breaks into my ordinary human self and my ego may suffer some form of disruption as a result.

I find this really provoking stuff. I was going to say more but as I write I realise I've got to put on my thinking cap before saying anything else.

Great sfuff!



-- Anonymous, October 11, 2001


Response to Experience into Words


Thanks for your question. It is very helpful for me to consider the answer. I think this might be

Being and Awareness in harmony is God the Father. This knowledge brought to human awareness is God the Son. And this knowledge enhanced by human experience is God the Holy Ghost.

I do not find it useful to belief in good and evil. These concepts derive invaribly from judgements made within a value system which be meaningful only to the person who hold the value system. This spells a lot of trouble, because each of use has an unique view of life. I prefer to discuss what is useful and what is not useful in terms of helping me to achieve my life’s purpose – which is spiritual growth enabling me to regain harmonious union with God.

I can identify with evil only in the context of separation from God and total loss of hope of reunion with him. The result is Fear. This is the counterpoint to Faith and Love, the belief that I am always worthy and will be reunited. Each end of the scale results in predictable human behaviours and experience.

I cannot contemplate that there exists an independent evil power, Satan. I think that this was a concept which was developed to control and frighten people.

In reference to your paragraph four- Do you believe that you are a Spirit separate from God? Do you find it more useful to believe this than the possibility that you are God having a human experience. The latter involves no separation and the realisation of this means that my “spirit self” is always there as a perpetual resource supporting my human challenges in life. Yes Ego does need to be brought into proper alignment with Spirit to help me to attain my life’s purpose.

Thanks for the provocations. Mighty Stuff indeed, Mairead


-- Anonymous, October 15, 2001

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