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OK I had 4 kids and gained weight with each one, and didn't lose all of it. Now the baby is 8, so I can't use that excuse any longer. I really would like to lose some weight and get in better shape. Any and all ideas on foods, vitamins, herbs etc... will be appreciated. Thanks.

-- Melissa (cmnorris@1st.net), October 11, 2001


Eating as natural as possible is best. Don't go on a diet, change the way you do things. Don't drink diet drinks, they have lots of sodium. Drink lots of pure water. Workout at least 3 times of week, yes, you do have the time-be creative. Fruitfasting is very helpful if you can do it. Maybe for the first day or two of starting your change of eating.

The Meditteranian diet chart is probably the best of all. There's a book all about that. Anything like no carbs, all carbs, no bread, bread with every meal, etc. anything that's out of balance like that is not good, (I knew a woman that ate cottage cheese and little else, she did loose weight and some of her health), with the exception for specific health problems. Food allergies can cause weight gain/retention. High fiber is best for me. Don't get caught up in counting calories, you really don't have time for that, and it isn't necessary. Take it one day at a time and don't beat yourself up if you fail now and then.

You may want to consider why you're overweight, you may not. If you really want to lose the weight and you're healthy enough, you will. Go for it. Pray for strength wisdom and knowledge.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (atilrthehony@countrylife.net), October 11, 2001.

I agree, do not diet! I have five kids. :-) It would be better to increase activity. Even if you just walk around your property a couple times or put on some good music and dance like crazy. I just add more chores! :-) It is better to see the weight melt off slowly than something drastic. I do some extra sit ups, since my chores do not tighten up those muscles enough. Cut DOWN (not out) the sweets. I do not eat ho-ho's with the kids anymore. Of course with eight kids, your box is probably empty before you turn around! I bake snacks more now, but still try not to snitch them. Yes, take vitamins. If your body is balanced, it will not go into those conserve modes. Most diet-ers that I know would gain weight when they quit starving themselves. When I get real active I lose weight evenly. I do not notice a quick gain when I cut back on activity.

-- notnow (notnow05@yahoo.com), October 11, 2001.

From a rescent PBS program; the people of Okinawa are very healthy due to their methods of eating. First of all according to the study; they have allmost no heart disease, diabetes is allmost unheard of, obesity is by causes other than over eating. Their diet consists of small portions of a wide variety, with each thing being eaten in equal amounts; but the important part of it is that they leave the table before they are full; it is part of the Asian approach to life, that is in keeping all things in balance. Potato chips and colas do not fit in their formula.

And for calorie info, it is a simple formula: Your body weight in pounds times 15 is equal to your daily need to maintain the same body weight via calorie count. 3600 calories equal 1 pound; so the obevious answer is to reduce your intake (and/or increase your activity level)at a slow gentle level, allowing your energy level to increase as you lose weight; leave the table before being full, and avoid anything "enhanced" (with salt or fat) to make it more desirable.

-- mitch hearn (moopups@citlink.net), October 11, 2001.

I can see where part of my question was a little misleading, the "baby" of the family is 8 years old! NOT the 8th child.

-- Melissa (cmnorris@1st.net), October 11, 2001.

I thank you for your resonses so far. I do agree I should increase the activity level. I am busy at home all day, but not really working strenuously. I do loathe exercise though... I am always thinking of what needs to be done instead of concentrating on the sit- ups etc. I would REALLY rather be working in the garden, planting flowers, cleaning out the barn, organizing something, or just about anything at all. I have a husband who weighs 160 pounds, 5 ft 11 in. He eats three times the food I do and hasn't gained 1 pound in the 17 years I have known him.

I guess I just need to cut back the food as well. I do love to cook, I could just sit here and think of about 50 things it would be fun to fix. Well in the interest of good health I am going to make some changes to my habits. Those of you who are thin, what are your particular eating habits? ex. just don't eat much, eat more early in the day etc... I have senn many thin people who eat more junk food in a day than I do in a week. I have also seen thin people who don't even seem interested in food and need to be coaxed to eat anything, also those who like my husband eat tremendous amounts of food with no ill effects.

Keep those ideas coming!! I have been drinking more water, walking about 1 1/2 miles a day, eating more fruit, and trying not to eat between meals. I also earlier in the year made a decision not to put fake food into my body, margarine, shortening, diet sodas, etc... So far in the last month I have lost 6 pounds, but need to lose about 40. It is amazing how the weight creeps up on you. My blood pressure is about 105 over 60 and my cholesterol was below 185, HDL ratio was good. This all from a check-up in mid Sept.


-- Melissa (me@home.net), October 11, 2001.

I have decided not to give my name for now, (I post to different sights and I am embarrassed to tell people I am a hefty- hefty and my weight).but I have since the end of July lost 25 pounds. I have 103 left to go and have given myself one year. I have joined fitday.com (free and don't be afraid to sign up. I also took 12 calories x's the weight I wanted to be 125 and then 10% of that was subtracted because in the winter I am not as busy. Stay below this amount in calories if you can't resist the goodies for now. Also, I am rid of all the potato chips and drink 8 glasses of water per day. (Haven't given up coffee yet though) Because my blood pressure hit a dangereous spot and I am being stubborn and do not want to take medicine for it I was forced to take desperate measures. Having a physical and going in often right now also helps. I am using the diabetic diet that my husband is on and treat myself once a week to something I like, but cut in half. Like a small piece of pie one day at a friends house. I also don't talk about it as for some reason I seem to go off from my diet as soon as I do. Also I guess I have learned not to call it a diet as I would be on one forever, but a new lifestyle change and at 52 I really needed one to reach 62. Sorry this was so long, but when I reach my goal I will let you know who I am, please except this for now. Thanks and good luck Melissa and everyone else who wants to lose weight. I also thoroughly enjoy this sight. It is like a breath of fresh air when I check in everyday. Thanks again. For now I will sign out as Growing Healthy

-- Overweight for now (lost25@willtell@laterdate.com), October 11, 2001.

Overweight for now, how do you make yourself drink all that water. That's the toughest thing for me?

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (atilrthehony@countrylife.net), October 11, 2001.

A good rule of thumb for daily water consumption is to drink half of your body weight in ounces, for example if you weigh 150 lbs you should try to drink 75 ounces of water. I find it easier to drink 2 quarts as opposed to 8 glasses. Two is easier to keep track of than eight. Try drinking one cup of water before each meal and before each cup of coffee or other drink. I have started adding apple cider vinegar to my water and have found that its helping me lose a few pounds and my skin is much clearer too. It also keeps my kids from drinking out of my water glass :-)

-- Julie (julieamc@eagleslair.net), October 12, 2001.

I drink a glass of water when I get up in the morning, one before each meal, (I sometimes count a glass of orange juice as one of my 8 glasses in the a.m.) One mid morning, one midafternoon one later in the afternoon an hour or so before I eat, one before I eat and one 2 hours before I go to bed at night. I built up to this gradually and was home (when I first started) most of the time as you do make more trips to the bathroom at first. I have always had to get up in the night so one trip there has not bothered me. Just the mention of 8 glasses sounded like more than I could handle until I got used to it and now I don't really think about it. I keep a cold pitcher in fthe refrigerator and just pour a glass from there and drink it while I am doing my work or reading. Everyone is different and will do things different so whatever works for each individual is what they should do. I don't count my cups of coffee in the a.m. as my glasses of water. keep track and talk to your doctor if you make any major changes. Overweight for now

-- overweight for now (lost25@willtell@laterdate.com), October 12, 2001.

I have been trying the vinegar and honey drink. I put 2 TB of cider vinegar and 1 tsp of honey. I add a little cinnamon and lots of ice. I know why this can make you lose weight, because after I drink it I am so sick to my stomach!! Oh, it is awful so I hope it is really helping!!

-- Melissa (me@home.net), October 12, 2001.

In Jarvis' book Folk Medicine, he suggest 1T of apple cider vinegar at each meal. Make sure you brush your teeth more often, too much vinegar isn't good in that way.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (atilrthehony@countrylife.net), October 12, 2001.

I'm still a teenager and it seems to be all around me at school to be skinny skinny, i personally don't think thats healthy. I think most important issue is to be healthy, but also be happy with the body that GOd has given us. I probalby don't have quite the busy schedules as you do, and normally i am kind of busy. But one thing that has kept me in shape is walking everywhere. Its about five miles to school , i have a bus pass, but i walk anyways on the way back or even sometimes in the morning. If any of you find its hard to have a quiet time by your self, morning walks are the best for getting thoughts collected! I also stretch at night. I used to excersize a lot more, but i find i can't do the same routine longer than a month, i go through fazes. walking, running, rollerblading. Which are all good things for the heart. I love food, all kinds , but i find a really healthy snack, to replace chips, is cauliflower with some fat free catalina dressing, munch munch. I personally have a really hard time drinking water, it's not me. BUt so i'm told: i should.

-- jillian (sweetunes483@yahoo.com), October 14, 2001.

I have been eating at a middleeastern restaurant lately and have seen some improvement. They trim all of there meat down to have no fat. They don't fry anything and steam or bake everything. They make a delicious raisin or spinach rice and it is delicious. You need some fat in your diet but not alot cut the fat down and eat smaller portions several times a day. My dietician says to drink have my body weight in water. It helps get rid of the unnecessities.

-- mindy (speciallady@countrylife.net), October 17, 2001.

As far as the water issue goes...I find that if I just keep a bottle with me at all times I sip from it and before I know it it's empty! It works :) It's like a habit.

-- Primitive Passion (oldquiltlover@hotmail.com), October 17, 2001.

It is harder when you are a mother of an 8 year old. They want snacks, and special treats..... I have a 11 year old and a 9 year old. I love Chocolate as well as they do if not more. I could live on it! I have come to the conclusion that if it is here we will eat it. I do not keep it on hand now like I used to. We are eating more fruit to replace our sweets. Ut is still twice as hard when you are feeding children. Yesterday I did very well. I only had one meal, and was satisfied until my daughter wanted an Orange Float. I had to have one as well! I really need to loose around 30# it is hard! I also drink water all of the time.I have done it for so long I really dont think about it. My kids do also. A pop here is a treat. Like a candy bar. Good luck! I could use suggestions as well. For now I am trying to give my kids healthier choices and that helps me. I usually try not to keep ice cream around but kids will be kids! Good luck!

-- mindy (mpoole@link2000.net), May 29, 2002.

I used to eat chocolate bars for breakfast. I became allergic to chocolate and started eating oatmeal instead. I have not lost an ounce by not eating chocolate. I now find it had o believe it is as fattening as the say.

-- Gayle in KY (gayleannesmith@yahoo.com), May 29, 2002.

Did you know cold water burns more calories than tap water? The reason is your body has to burn more calories to "heat" the water as it passes through your body. I have six or eight water bottles that I fill about 1/3 full of water and keep them in the freezer. I also keep a two quart water bottle full in the refrigerator. I keep my water bottle in one of those foam things that help keep drinks cold and just carry it around with me all day. When I've finished my second two quart water bottle, I know I've had all the water I need. But most of the time I drink more than that just because I carry it around with me and drink on it all day.

My diet staple is salad with broiled chicken breast (skinless of course) cut into chunks and topped with raspberry vinegerette dressing but just a drizzle. I might add bits of broccoli or shredded carrots, different kinds of lettuce but NO ONIONS, CHEESE, BACON BITS OR CROUTONS. I usually eat puffed wheat w/skim milk for breakfast, a piece of fruit about 10 a.m., a salad for lunch, another piece of fruit or a yogurt midafternoon, another salad for dinner then maybe some frozen yogurt or fruit if I feel like a little sweet after dinner but no more than once or twice a week. I eat nothing after that, but do drink my water all day. I might have scrambled eggs and a piece of toast a couple times a week for breakfast or grapefruit just to break up the monotony, but usually stick pretty much to the salads from lunch and dinner. I try to do something like walk or dance for ten minutes three times a day. I'm not as good at this as I should be but feel better when I do. I also take a multi- vitimin every day.

Following this I've lost almost 35 pounds in five month. It's not rapid weight loss but I've been told the quicker it comes off the quicker it comes back on.

Much good luck and just keep trying.

Wishing you enough.

-- Trevilians (Trevilians@attbi.com), May 30, 2002.

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