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I have some spare time on my hands and I thought that I'd put together a large format user's directory on-line. I already have the site up at, and the next step will be to add info on people. If you'd like to be in the directory, send me an email at Include name, email, etc.- whatever info you would like to accompany your name. I figure I can sharpen my HTML skills and put together a useful resource at the same time. I know in the past there has been interest in making up some sort of directory of the people on the forum to make it easier to find/contact/communicate with each other. I'm not putting this together as competition for any of the existing LF sites out there, just as a supplement. So again, if you'd like to be part of it, send me an email.

-- David Munson (, October 10, 2001


We're up to four people in the directory now. I encourage all of you to send me your info so I can put you on the directory. I really think that this could be a valuable resource if enough people were to get on the list.

-- David Munson (, October 12, 2001.

The directory is growing slowly but surely. I just wanted to add that if people would like an example of their work to accompany their info on the directory, I can add a photo easily enough. A small scan (jpg. in the neighborhood of 250k or less) would work best and you can send it to me as an email attachment.

-- David Munson (, October 13, 2001.

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