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I'm going to Africa next month for a long trip (4 months or more), and I'm seeking some advice regarding power options for my EOS-1v.

Since I'll be trekking intensively, and carrying all the equipment on my back most of the time, I originally intended to minimize weight and rely on 2CR5 lithium batteries. But I can't count on finding these where I go, and taking enough spares with me might weigh more than the BP-E1 pack+4 AAs. If I do take the BP, I can take 1-2 spare lithiums, and in case of emergency rely on the 8 AAs in the two flashes I'm taking.

I've only got the camera recently, and ran about 13 rolls through it so far, using the first 2CR5, so I don't know how many rolls I can expect the 2CR5s to last. I'm probably going to rely heavily on the 100-400 IS lens with servo AF and IS turned on...

Here are the three concrete questions I have: 1. Does anyone have information about consumption of the 1v when powered on 2CR5 or on 4 AAs with the BP-E1?

2. Has anyone tried the new energizer e2 titanium cells and can testify to their performance compared to standard alkalines?

3. Canon doesn't recommend using lithiums in the BP-E1. Can anyone explain what is the logic behind this?

Any information would be much appreciated.

P.S. This is cross-posted to photo.net. Excuse me if you get it twice.

-- Tuvik Beker (tuvik@cns.tau.ac.il), October 10, 2001


Tuvik, About your second question: I switched from regular Energizers to the new Energizer e2s for my 550EXs and saw a noticable improvement. Recycle times were much faster, and overall life was significantly longer. I can only assume they would last longer in the camera as well. I can not compare them to the 2CR5s, as I do not have a BP for the EOS 3.

You said "I've only got the camera recently, and ran about 13 rolls through it so far, using the first 2CR5" Is this the 2CR5 that came with your camera? The 2CR5 that came with my EOS 3 was an off-brand (not Energizer or Duracell) and lasted only about half as long as the Energizer I bought to replace it.

I'm curious, how many rolls do you expect to shoot on your trek?

-- Derrick Morin (dmorin@oasisol.com), October 11, 2001.

Derrick, in your comment about the flash are you referring to the energizer titanium E2 or the new E2 lithium ones?

No 2CR5 came with the 1v. The battery in it is an energizer 2CR5 I bought separately. However, it is of the old model. The new energizer 'E2 photo' line also has a new design for the 2CR5. They claim it's superior to the older model, but I'm not sure how much of this is just advertising hype.

As for the number of rolls I intend to shoot, I'm planning on about 200 for the first 3 months. I intend to take about 100-150 with me (depending on the space I'd have in my backpack), and have more sent to me from home when these start to run out. The films constitute a whole issue of its own, which I didn't want to go into, as I already made my own research and made up my mind about it. I decided to stick with professional films (Provia/Velvia and some high-speed negatives for low-light conditions), despite the lack of proper storage conditions. Of course I cannot expect professional level color balance and consistency from these films the way I'm going to treat them (heat and humidity), but as far as I could find out this is the only major issue about not storing them refrigerated. They shouldn't be more sensitive than consumer grade slide films, and I can live with low color consistency. As a backup I'm also taking about 60 Fuji Reala negative films. I'll put in a reala once in a while, as these are still very high quality films, and would probably handle the extreme conditions better than any slide film.

-- Tuvik Beker (tuvik@cns.tau.ac.il), October 11, 2001.

Tuvik, About my flash, I started out using standard Energizer Alkoline batteries and switched to Energizer titanium E2, and saw improvement.

As for the lithium, I just purchased the BP-300 for an Elan 7E that I don't have yet (cart before the horse, I know) and the instructions said not to use lithium AA batteries because they would send too much power to the camera and could damage some electronical components. I don't really understand it, but I don't plan to test it.

I use the 2CR5 E2 photo for my EOS 3. I don't remember when I switched to it from the older version, but it seems to last a long time. I don't try to keep track of how many rolls I get for each battery, but I just replaced it last weekend and I probably put between 25 - 30 rolls (36 exp) through it with USM lenses, mostly AF (one shot and servo), no IS.

You haven't stated that you need the battery pack as a grip or for speed, but you are only considering it as an option to carry batteries. If it were me (primary concern being weight and mass), I think I would leave the battery pack at home and carry spare 2CR5s. Not having tested the idea I would think that, ounce for ounce, you will get more usage this way. My humble opinion.

-- Derrick Morin (dmorin@oasisol.com), October 11, 2001.

Did I really type "electronical"?

-- Derrick Morin (dmorin@oasisol.com), October 11, 2001.

Hi Tuvik, I have been using Energizer Lithiums in the BP-E1 with my EOS-1v for the last 8 month and have had no problems so far. I asked a Canon rep in a Photostore (CPS-store) in Frankfurt, Germany about it and he told me it was not problem. The same worked in the 3 flawlessly too. It is still the first set of Lithiums I use and so far it lasted for 30 rolls in all different modes - among them quite a few longtime exp. - and the battery indicator still shows full capacity. So I guess that would be the way to go for you. I'd recommend to carry 3 sets and 2 2CR5 for emergencies. In the bigger Cities you can get normal AAs. I used to work in Africa, in Ruanda and Congo for 3 years, (90-93) and had a lot of fun, wonderful place (at least Congo/Ruanda at this time). I know some colleagues who were totally thrilled with the CAR and Kameroon. It'll be strenuous trip though, but I envy you for it :-). Cheers Michael

-- Michael Schmidt (mschmidt@xolo.conabio.gob.mx), October 11, 2001.

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