Politik - 10/8/2001

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Politikal stuff...

Well, it's a complex day. I received an e-mail from a friend who hangs a lot in Europe and he keeps some pretty interesting stuff on his web site. He's linked to a detailed exploration of the WTC disaster-as-scripted-terror, motivated by money and territorial control (is there a relationship between "terror" and "territory"?), and it aligns so closely to the flavor of IGFarben, AT&T, et.al. during Hitler's rise and WWII that I just have to keep an open mind. The story is circumstantial, but the circumstances can't be ignored..

Peter points to difficult things I read them. They are harder to read, and to stand in the midst of, than the ideas that make me feel good. I wrote him a letter with text I like that I thought I'd share here.

I'm no stranger to conspiracy. I've read many of the prominent ones. I continuously struggle with where to file all of the information in my mind. I struggle with the fact that this - this particular disaster, this century of destructions, this millennium of malcontents - is not the worst that has, or can, or will be done.

Of course there was a conspiracy. At its more immediate level, it was certainly present in the individuals who colluded to take over the planes. At its larger levels, it may cycle through the interests of corporations and their nation-state vassals, capitalizing on the momentum of acquisition and apathy present in most mindless industrialization.

The masterminding may extend to elite ideological sectors - some, perhaps, still engaged in covert wars that span generations and centuries, markers that I am blind to. There are realms beyond what is here...Anunakki, demons, greys, reptiles...and those just cover our current dimension! Each of these levels, when revealed to someone hungry for explanation that will lead to personal action, can swallow a mind whole, and refuse to release it for a very long time.

And then, of course, there's the opposite end - the tiny little place where the first seed of aggression toward the life space and breath of another was first sought and taken.

So what's a girl to do?

"Give me a pigfoot and a bottle of beer..."

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2001

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