what was a life changing event for edgar allen poe

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what was a life changing event for edgar allen poe.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2001


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He had more than his share of tragedies. The success of The Raven was an American event by itself which finally gave him unique poetic recognition. I guess the most crushing one was the death of Virginia from which he had scant time to recover. As a person however he was fairly durable and consistent considering.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2001

I believe he lost his mother, step mother, brother, and lastly wife to turboculosys (consumption), and both his fathers abandoned him. So he was definately trajic and I believe that that has to make a huge affect upon him. But for sure, i know that his most productive time was when Virginia had TC herself.

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2001

he did have many events which worsened his mental health, but i think the most significant of all these, the one that started the downward spiral of his mental well-being was the death of Mrs. Jane Stanard. she was the mother to one of his schoolmates whom Edgar saw as a mother figure and was infactuated with.

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2001

Poe's father deserted his mother and shortly after his mother died, leaving Poe an orphan before his third birthday. A wealthy couple adopted him but the father never accepted him and never officially adopted him. He went to college and fell in love but the girls family stopped it because they knew he would never inherit his foster father's wealth. He gambled and got himself into debt and his foster father took him out of college. Poe went to Boston and the enlisted in the army, he didn't like that so he took himself out. He then got his foster father to get him into West Point but after the death of his foster mother he withdrew himself and went to stay with his aunt. Where he married her young daughter Virginia. Poe became famous because of his writings and two years before his own death Virginia contracted and died of Tuberculosis.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2002

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Women in his life dieing of terboclious that was the main life changing event Beside his father sending him to colledge and him joining the military but who are we to say We don't know him

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2003

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-- Anonymous, October 16, 2003

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