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When running PACE gels, did you use a custom made gel box or a commercially available one? I anticipate that I'll need a protein gradient similar to the one that was used in Cilley and Wiliamson, RNA (1997), but I'm having some difficulty finding gel boxes that are wide enough to accomodate a 36cm wide gel (or even 30 cm)?


-- Rupinder Singh (, October 09, 2001


Commercial gel boxes.

I believe we used gel boxes made by "Owl Scientific" in Cambridge, MA. They were the same boxes we used for sequencing gels. The upper buffer reservoir was moveable up-and-down, which allowed me to run gels as wide as a sequencing gel, but shorter.

You might cast about for sequencing gel boxes and see if any are adjustable.

-- Christopher Cilley (, October 09, 2001.

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