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O.K I must be getting old. (And this is the only time I will admit that;-) but when I was a child my grandmother would drag me to the Baptist church everyday for a prayer meeting. My God those old ladies would pray for hours on end. Now looking back I realize they were always happy and able to cope with life. Been to any good prayer meetings lately? And what is the format. What prayer concerns are being lifted up in our prayer meetings.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2001


My mother, who will be 77 years young her next birthday has started having Prayer and Praise Services on Friday nights. They have been a blessing. We have prayer time from 7:15-7:30. We all kneel and pray. She always has at least 2 praise scriptures, and invites 2 speaker to talk for no longer than 7 minutes each. The church has grown closer together through these services.

Prayer really does change things.

In Christ, Carmen

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2001

Dear Rev. Rogers,

We can't hear enough preaching and teaching about prayer. I read a story the other day about how a preacher and his son were the only ones that showed up at prayer meetings at their church for years. The preacher's son said that his father told him at the prayer meetings that these were the most glorious moments of their lives even though they were the only two members of the church at the prayer meetings. Some years later, the preacher's son said he came to a realization that his father was right.

I have learned over the years that many of my blessings have come from the prayers of my mother, grandmother, myself, and others. I have also found a great deal of comfort in knowing that if I feel sad, angry, mad, insecure, confident, or any other human emotion that I don't have to try to handle it myself. I am learning to ask God about these things. I am also going to pray that God will teach me about meditation. Once again, thank you Rev. Rogers for raising the bar about our spiritual growth by focusing our minds on prayer.


-- Anonymous, October 11, 2001

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