Where is Rev. Denise Rogers ?

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Has anyone heard from Rev. Denise Rogers? I miss reading her inspirational and educational posts on this bulletin board. I have been uplifted on many occasions by her personal accounts of her experiences in the ministry. Although, I have never met her in person, I have met her through her comments on this board. It is very inspirational to find someone who has zest and enthusiasm about their work like Rev. Rogers. I realize that in the past, some individuals have made some mean-spirited comments against her. However, we know that those individuals did so because they were not following the Holy Spirit. However, I certainly hope that the Holy Spirit will heal Rev. Rogers' wounds and regenerate her spirit and bring her back to this discussion board for at least once a week. I can truly say that Rev. Rogers comments on this board have always been positive and she has not said anything on this board that she will regret when she stands before Jesus Christ for judgement.


-- Anonymous, October 08, 2001



I will contact her by either email or telephone. Your sincere comments about her quality input are right on the money. QED

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2001

Jazzman you are so kind!! But all compliments and praise must go to our God and our savior Jesus Christ. I am having a ball! And so proud to be an A.M.E minister. I am dancing with Jesus and Our Bishop John Bryant and our Episcopal Supervisor Dr. C have an understanding and love for rural ministry. So I have a lot of support from them. More than I have ever had in previous denominations. One of the fun things for me is learning about our denomination from white people who have lived elsewhere and have moved to our town. Every single one of them have a fabulous story to tell of the great work our churches are doing in the community and how the A.M.E churches have been the one denomination that has consistently extended the hand of fellowship to all Christians. Jazzman I was not wounded!! I just made a choice to participate on discussion boards that have a moderator and rules are posted and those who use anonymous posts have their threads removed and blocked. God does not want his children abused. But rest assured there is NOTHING that can take my Jesus Joy or my commitment to serve God and my church. Our church is growing (St. Paul Community A.M.E Church) and new Christians are committing their lives to God. We will begin our prison ministry on Nov. 14th. Where I will be the first clergywoman allowed to preach at Montana State Prison. Yahoo! God is good. Also our church along with the Episcopal church and Salvation Army will be opening a homeless shelter in a month. We do not have a church building and meet in a nursing home, the members are poor. But the Holy Spirit falls down on us and the spirit of Richard Allen surrounds us, and off we go!! I love all of you dearly. Do not be discouraged my christian sisters and brothers! For Christ is with us. Keep your hands open for power of the Holy Spirit and nothing can stop you!

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2001

A serious Amen to you Brother JazzMan. I too have missed the postings of our Sister in the Ministry. It is a blessing to know that she and the work in her area of the vineyard is going well. May God Bless You my Brother for remembering her and may God Bless Rev. Rogers in her Ministry.

God Bless You All

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2001

Amen again JazzMan. I also missed Denise on this board. The Devil is always busy and desires to bring disunity among Christians. Thanks again JazzMan.

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2001

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