who knows where thoughts come from? they just appear.

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omg! what an...interesting sounds of sac! i think the funniest part was nate and his "i dont talk" i liked that u guys mentioned john and LL, and got S11P played. and listening to brodys right now makes me remember, u guys still need to a play a show with them! (i already listened to brodys new cd today like twice, but its nice to hear them on the radio) oh and play a show with fne, i saw sean give u their cd, it is really good, at least i think so. it will be reviewed by me as well as ur great show friday in the zine (oh im so good at those plugs..haha uh yea)dude i would so wear tkw undies..but not granny panties..u could make some profit off those! ok bye, thanx for makin sounds of sac interesting!

-- Punk Princess (princess@punkjunk.com), October 08, 2001


thoughts are actually formed in the second largest part of the brain- the cerebellum.

so, who are you guys playing with at sweet bean? maybe if tesla's not busy...by the way just kidding about that cerebellum stuff.

-- eldangeroso (creepycolon@aol.com), October 08, 2001.

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