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hi, is there any tray bigger than 30x40" on the market? or anywhere i can make speical order?



-- jeff liao (, October 08, 2001


Jeff: Have you considered making your own? A frame around a plywood bottom lined with plastic sheeting works well. You might consider painting the inside with epoxy if you need a more permanent tray. There is a thread in the archives about making darkroom sinks, and that info will apply to trays as well.


-- Doug Paramore (, October 08, 2001.

Jeff, I can think of two companies that make stainless steel trays in larger sizes. I don't have the catalogs in front of me now, but they do make them in some pretty large sizes. If you're interested, check with Regal/Arkay or California Stainless. I know CS has several , but be forewarned, they're expensive.

-- DK Thompson (, October 08, 2001.

Hey, if you make them, and have a plastics supplier in your may want to try using some Sintra. It's basically compressed PVC sold like a sheet of plywood in different thicknesses. You can do anything to it, and it's waterproof.....expect to pay around $100 for a 4x8 ft. sheet.

-- DK Thompson (, October 08, 2001.

thanks guy...

i am thinking to buy or make one heavy duty try only. (about 60x75") i can make a hole with pipe to flowing the chemials and do the wash too.


-- Jeff Liao (, October 08, 2001.

Jeff, I just checked my CS catalog, and it looks like 41"x49" is the max size for their trays...they do have them in 3" and 5" depths though. Of course, I guess anyone can custom make something though.

60"x75" is more like a sink really...which may be a better option. In the old days here, when we did murals in house, we (I started near the end of this time)used 2 sinks for processing the prints. They were large 9' kreonite sinks with standpipes & built-in water jets. There were large risers on either sides of the sinks, so when you stood on them the sink was at your knees more or would walk back & forth to agitate the sink was full of Dektol, the other had Fix. You pulled the plug to dump the developer & turned on the water jets to stop....then transfered to the other sink, and just flip flopped them through the process like that....

I guess you're using some mural paper here with those sizes? It could be that using something like a kid's wading pool or something similar would do the job. Have fun.....

-- DK Thompson (, October 09, 2001.

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