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Fighting Breaks Out in Afghan Border Town-IRNA

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Fighting broke out on Sunday between Afghanistan (news - web sites)'s ruling Taliban militia and people in the western Afghan border town of Zaranj in the wake of U.S. strikes, Iran's official IRNA news agency said.

It said, quoting Afghan sources, some 150 Afghans had decided to capture the town from the Taliban. Zaranj, in the far southwest corner of Afghanistan lies on the frontier with Iran close to where the two countries' borders meet that of Pakistan.

A local Afghan opposition commander based in the nearby Iranian city of Zahedan, Haji Karim Barahouei, was rushing to the area, the agency said.

The region is dominated by the Baluchi ethnic group which lives in the remote arid region astride the borders of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

-- Martin Thompson (, October 07, 2001


YEAH!! That's outstanding news. Its about time some of the Afghans take there country back from the religious fanatics. Break out the hoes, rakes, scythes and other opium farming implements and get to work taking back there country at the grassroots level. Go get em' Zaranjians!! Tackle those Taliban (hiding behind a religion) bastards.

-- Guy Daley (, October 07, 2001.

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