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Thank you all for the very helpful info to my last question. I will purchase the film in London. Maybe bring an unopened box and see what happens. If I get the film proccessed there, and theres not enough time for the return, I could get it shipped back. Is this a good idea, anyway? Could UPS loose it, damage it? But many of you say to put the tripod in the check-in luggage. Gosh, $725.00 worth. Yes, it is insured, but if its small, about 27", couldn't I carry it on? If not, then I will put it in check-in, pray it doesn't get lost or damaged, and put tape around the suitcase. I've heard thats a real deterent with dishonest baggage handlers. But am I being paranoid to think the tape might actually say "hey, theres something of value in here"? Thanks again.

-- Raven (, October 07, 2001



The tripod issue I can't help you with but to say that I travelled to the UK with a Gitzo Mountaineer in my bag of clothing with the head removed. No problem.

So far as getting your film processed might I suggest you ppost a request on the BJP Pro-Forum, there are always guys willing to rent studio or darkroom access on there. The link is::

Cheers ... WG

-- Walter Glover (, October 07, 2001.

Many people regularly check golf clubs, skis, luggage itself, etc. worth a lot more than your tripod. But it would be a good idea if it were in some kind bag or luggage that is locked. Yes, you are a bit paranoid, because thieves are usually looking for something a bit smaller than a tripod (it might be a bit difficult for them to get it home without someone noticing). Of course, you need to proceed directly to the luggage area upon clearing immigration to make sure someone else doesn't take it off the carousel, intentionally or by mistake.

27" is “officially” too large for carry-on, but you might get away with it. But considering current security, and the tripod is metal with hollow tubes they cannot see into, I hope not. If they stop you at security, you may have a long wait back in line (baggage check and security again).

If by some chance you cleared security, but the airline demanded to check your luggage at the gate, then your luggage is more likely to be manually tagged (instead of bar-coded). This increases the chance of it being lost (not necessarily stolen).

-- Michael Feldman (, October 07, 2001.

I have always carried my Gitzo 1228 carbon tripod onboard, in my carry-on (Rollaboard or Porter) case. I remove the head (Arca B1) but it remains in the case. With head removed, the tripod is 20-1/2" long. Sometimes I carry my Gitzo 1349 the same way as it, without head, is only 25" long.

-- Jim Brick (, October 07, 2001.

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