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I have been entrusted to do a glamour photo/s of a client, an area which is not my norm, however, I feel confident in my abilities.

A concern of my client and mine is summer sun tan marks--short/sock lines, etc. What suggestions do forum members have regarding this issue as well as having suggestions for the "bigger picture", ie., glamour photos.

Moving into Nova Terra Firma--Raymond

PS I will be using 4x5/ strobe, and handheld 6x7, b&w.

-- Raymond A. Bleesz (, October 07, 2001


Raymond: You might have to do some body makeup to cover the uneven marks, which might require the services of a trained assistant of the same sex as the subject.


-- Doug Paramore (, October 08, 2001.

I agree about the make-up which makes sense, but I would tread carefully if I were you. The intensity and of your strobes even with the make-up might still 'betray' the tan line areas.

Under these kinds of circumstances I would suggest the obvious fix of waiting while the client takes advantage of the sun, tanning saloons, and so forth.

If the client is desparate and/or insists, if at all possible, try to suggest doing the shoot as a test or at least polaroids, if they are less than satisfactory, which is always possible, then you haven't thrown away your credibility.

It never hurts to wait and it never hurts to test if at all possible. Every problem that the client brings to the table can't be solved photographically. Hair may have to be redone and so forth. There are some problems that need to be solved before you shoot.

This is all a delicate balance in the matter of relaying all this to the client. The make-up may work completely.

-- Jonathan Brewer (, October 08, 2001.

Doug's suggestion about a same sex assistant is right on the money!

-- Jonathan Brewer (, October 08, 2001.

Along with the body makeup, I would tell the models not to wear bras ect. before the shoot. Loose clothing is the key for the pre shoot and have them go to a tan salon to get a clean base (at the clients cost). This is one of the clients needs, it is a cost! Cheers, Scott

-- Scott Walton (, October 09, 2001.

I got tan lines all over my body. The funniest ones are the ones of my face from my bike helmet straps. They don't seem to affect my shooting at all! I've never had a subject complain about my tan lines.

-- John H. Henderson (, October 10, 2001.

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