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First of all I would like to congradulate all of the people who are giving of their time to better the community of Hargill. I have been gone from Hargill for quite some time, but I drive thru any chance I get just to have a look. I attend church their once a year when we have a memorial for my mother and father. For those of you who don't remember me I am Amado(El Moro)and Benita Davila's son.

Just a little history of what I've been up to since I left Hargill; March 1976 joined the United States Border Patrol, spent 3 yrs. in Rio Grande City, Tx., transferred to Brownsville, Tx. March 1979, spent 20 yrs. there, transferred to Kingsville, Tx. March 1999 and I will probably still be here until I retire in 2004. After that I haven't decided if I am going back to the valley(somewhere near Hargill) or whether I will move to the San Antonio area. None the less I will always be a Hargillian!

Now to the ReUnion. I attended the first Hargill Community ReUnion and it was great, most of the community was involved. Looking at some of the pictures it looks more like a Haley Family ReUnion now, not that it's bad, it shows that you folks are keeping it going. My hat's off to you. I just would like to see more involvement from the rest of the community.

Hello to Ivette, Ivonne, Margie, and Debbie, keep it up you guys are doing a great job.


-- Amado Davila Jr. (, October 06, 2001

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