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Here's the deal, I love panorama. I have an xpan that is a great camera, but I never use it. Mostly because in any situation that would be good for a 35mm rangefinder camera, I take my Leica CL which has more and faster lenses. So I've deicided to sell the xpan and move up to 6x12 pano. Especially since I have a large pile of expired 120 film that I was given.

I'll probably get a used Horseman 6x12 back, and use it on my Crown Graphic (and possibly on my Arca Discovery). My main use is going to be (strange as it sounds), skateboard and BMX photography. The Xpan's main drawback here is that I can't flash synch at any faster than 1/125. So a leaf shutter camera will be a good thing.

I'm looking for a good and cheap(er) 47-90 lens for the Crown graphic (I doubt there will be a 47 that fits the bill, but I thought I'd just add it anyway). I already have a 127 Ektar and a (new) 210 Schnieder. But I'd like something WIDE for the skateboard shots. I don't care much about movements, so as long as it covers 4x5 I'll be happy.

And if anyone has ideas about viewfinders for such a setup, I'd be interested in hearing about them. I was planning to use one of the Voigtlander RF ones if I decided that I need one.

-- Josh Root (, October 06, 2001



One lens that you can look at is 90mm Schneider Angulon. It is very small comparing to newer designs of wide-angle lenses, cover entire 4x5 without movements and sharp when closed down. Plenty of information about it on th net. One problem - I feel that these lenses are usualy over-priced. I once saw one from a linhof sell for 550$ w/o lensboard. I got mine from Midwest photo, payed very reasonable price.

Hope it helps,

Hagai Kaufman Albatross Aerial Photography Tel Aviv ISRAEL

-- Hagai Kaufman (, October 07, 2001.

hi josh - you might also think of looking for a wollensak wide angle field lens (90mm). they are really small lenses - the rear and front elements basicly don't stick out at all. i have seen them on ebay for around 150.00 (i might be a little off) from time to time. good luck - john

-- john nanian (, October 07, 2001.

Hi, You might want to try a older Brooks Veriwide with 47mmf8 superangulon.It is a 2 1/4(6x10format)= 18mm on 35mm.It is a really small camera with a BIG neg....a pleasure to use.Just crop a bit for 6x12 look... focuses close too(guestimate).This camera is barely bigger than a Leica.It's about $1,000...make sure you get it with the Leica finder that was made for the camera...a great 2 1/4 camera..I would never part with mine. E.

-- Emile de Leon (, October 07, 2001.

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