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The Office of the Presidential Prayer Team has asked that I relay this information to my friends and colleagues so that it will reach its goal of enlisting 2.8 million people (1% of the population) to pray regularly for the President--especially in our current crisis. I recommend that you join this effort. There is no fee or obligation. Just sign up and you'll receive a window decal in the mail, plus e-mail updates on the specific prayer needs of the President and his Cabinet. To sign up, go to

This is absolutely Great!!! An opportunity to pray for our president, about needs he has. Many people are focusing on the potential for negative things happening in the future, but if we have a president who wants us to pray for him than something must be going right in America. Praise the Lord!

Little Bit Farm

Asked by Little bit farm ( from on October 01, 2001.

Answers Well, rats! I went to the site and tried to sign up, apparently it is not accessible by Webtv users. Could someone who is signed up keep people like me updated on prayer needs? Thanks Answered by Lenette ( from

-- Little bit farm (, October 06, 2001


If you can't access the website, you can just call their registration phone number -- toll-free! Call 1-800-295-1235. Blessings.

-- Informed Christian Digest (, October 10, 2001.

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