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hi, i just saw my professor who used a old huge rangfinder camera with polaroid back in my studio class. it can focus with one finder and another finder to do composition. it take instant pack film. with a rodenstock lens. anyone know what is that?

here is my question. is there a camera can do the focus with rangfinder and take 55 type film (or 665) with a German lens?...^_^


-- Jeff Liao (jliao66@aol.com), October 06, 2001


It sounds like your professor has a Polaroid 110A which has been converted to take pack film. The 110A has two windows, one for framing, one for composition.

You can go to the Polaroid website(The Land List) to get the specs on these type of cameras. You can purchase one of these cameras and have Four Designs go through the camera including converting it to Polaroid pack film, or you can purchase a camera that's already been converted from Four Designs.

I've seen one of these cameras on e-bay sometime ago with a 4x5 back, but have never seen one with a Polaroid 545 back. Depending on what you have to spend, it might be possible to find a technician somewhere that could convert a camera of this type to use type 55 film, but are you sure you want to do that?

If you buy one of these cameras and have Four Desings convert it, they'll go through the lens and shuttee which they'll clean and calibrate, install a new bellows, and they'll make sure everthing's in alignment. This is pretty much all they do and they're good at it, and to me this is a better proposition even though you're restricted to pack film instead of some one shot deal somewhere else.

Having said that, understand that getting a 665 negative clear of everything and getting the goop off it(in the field) can be a headache. What about a Polaroid 545 back for the camera you plan to use? They have 'em for MF and 4x5.

-- Jonathan Brewer (lifestories@earthlink.net), October 06, 2001.

hi, thanks for the answer.

i was wondering how many type of polaroid camera can do the same thing as 110A can do?............two window , one for composition and one for focus

Jeff Liao

-- Jeff Liao (jliao66@aol.com), November 01, 2001.

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