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Feel free to add your own quotes and thoughts.

-- Melissa (, October 06, 2001


It is a cold, rainy afternoon (47F) and I am making pies for Monday's Thanksgiving feast. This is my favorite time of year with the leaves changing to brilliant colors and the garden done for the year. When the rain is done and the sun shines again, I am going to take all the children out for a fall hike. We'll pack sandwiches and fruit and spend some time in the woods (it will give my husband some uninterrupted time in his study for sermon preparation).

I remember some of my favorite times with my dad were spent cutting wood this time of year. He'd cut the trees down and cut them up into smaller logs, I'd load them up and haul them home. When we had enough to fill the woodshed, he'd split it while I stacked it. We didn't talk much; just enjoyed working together. We'd work all day and come home to hot chocolate and a hot supper fixed by my mom. My older brother and sister were in college then, so I had three years at the end of high school alone with them. We treasured that time and when it came my turn to go to college, I got really homesick. So this time of year gets me thinking more about my own family. There's not so much to do, so there's more time for family fun.

-- Cathy N. (, October 06, 2001.

This is also my favorite time of year. The trees are just beginning to turn here in the South, and we know the hot weather is finally over. In the last few weeks, I've been thinking alot about the depth or lack thereof of my faith, and what is really required of us. Two things come to mind and I hope you don't mind me sharing them. One is a quote from the Scriptures, the other from Mother Teresa. Micah6:8 "And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." From Mother Teresa: (Not an exact quote) God doesn't require that we be successful, just faithful.

-- melina b. (, October 06, 2001.

"Happy is the mother who- to those who boast of wealth in silver, gold, and jewels- pointing to her sons and daughters, can say, 'These are my jewels'"

One of my favorite thoughts to keep in mind. Sometimes when I feel a little down because we don't have a lot of money, and I didn't get a job that would change the world, I remember that raising children is one of the noble professions of the world.

-- Melissa (, October 06, 2001.

I can never remember a time that I didn't want to be a mom. I have always been happiest just staying home with my kids and keeping home. My mom always worked and we were able to have a lot of material things because of it, but when she died, I really feel she regretted choosing the things over time spent with us. She had cancer, and the last few years of her life, she really cut back on work and spent a lot of time with us. I feel that she realized then what she had missed. I am confident that one day I will be much more thankful for the time spent with my children, than for any item I might have been able to purchase. I think those of us with children should first thank God for letting us have them, tell our kids how much we love them and be thankful for the time we have with them. Although, their are days that my 13 year old, who is just like me, drives me mad!!! I still love him, and must say I am very proud of him and his very strong faith and heart for the Lord!

-- Ivy in NW AR (, October 06, 2001.

What a lovely forum! How nice to see yet another place on the net where God has not been banished. I have 5 children and 4 grandchildren with one more due December 7th. Our daughters live in St.Louis and now New Jersey; two boys are still single, and our oldest son lives here in Jacksonville a few miles away. It is he and his wife who are expecting their first child and I am just so happy to finally have a grandchild who will be living in the same zip code! God willing, I fully intend to spoil it as much as I am allowed to. Thanks again for setting up this new forum! Now I will have three sites to frequent! God bless.

-- lesley (, October 06, 2001.

Amen ladies on all your thoughts. I am trying to be consistent with my investment in my faith. I heard someone liken the general feast or famine reading of the word as many of us do to being bulimic-- overdoing and then none at all. I'm trying to be healthy in all areas of my life and faith is at the forefront. I notice that when I am in the word on a regular basis the fruits of the spirit are plentiful. My outlook is changed. The results from that outlook is phenomenal (esp with my own family), certainly with those I come in contact. It isn't for nothing that one of the reasons you hear folks give for why they started on the path to salvation is that they saw something special, something intangible in the lives of believers. Many Blessings, Ann

-- Ann Markson (, October 13, 2001.

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