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I have got to the point where I am going to buy a pre-load solution and wanted to check that I have got this straight before parting with hard earned cash. I take mainly B & W landscape with a vague possibility of taking colour one day. I use Kodak colour film on 35mm and like it. Current film for 120 B & W is Ilford but equally happy with Kodak - no experience with TMaX only Tri-X or Plus-X. I live in the UK. I see my options as:-

1) Buy a kodak holder B & W film limited to TMax or TriX. Would need to buy a version 4 holder or the new single sheet holder. Pre V4 wont work well with the new single sheet film and with the track record of these holders should definitely buy the latest available ! 2) Buy a polaroid 545 holder which accepts both polaroid film and either variety of readyload from Kodak or Fuji. Possibly less reliable (light leaks?) and may have issues with film flatness but a lot of people appear to use them successfully. If this route - which 545 holder or doesnt it matter ? 3) Fuji holder is not an option as B & W film is not available in the UK - could be ordered from overseas but not a reliable method.

You can see I am leaning to buying a Kodak holder unless there is a strong case for buying polaroid instead.



-- David Tolcher (, October 06, 2001


Where did you read that you can get Tri-X in ReadyLoads? According to Kodak's site, the only B&W film they provide in ReadyLoads is T-MAX 100.

-- Gavin Walker (, October 06, 2001.

Sorry - must have had a brain aberration this morning or dreaming anyway. I cant get Tri-X in readyloads.


-- David Tolcher (, October 06, 2001.

Dave, Teamwork in London import Fuji B&W readyload film packs, but they ain't cheap. Pete

-- Pete Watkins (, October 06, 2001.

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